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How Long Does A Pest Control Procedure Normally Take?

If you’ve had to deal with pests, you’ll know the extermination process can be a time-consuming and laborious task. Getting rid of pests isn’t something that can be done in a few hours. That being said, this isn’t always true. There are instances where pests can be removed in no time at all. But how long does a pest control procedure actually take? What we are really asking is this. If you have pests, how long is it going to take to get rid of them? The answer to these questions is that there really is no answer.

The time a treatment takes depends on certain things

The first consideration is the type of pests you have. Some pests are easy to get rid of. All you have to do is spray pesticide or fumigate and they are gone for good. Other pests grip on for dear life. These pests are stubborn and this means it takes longer to evict them. A good example of difficult pests to control is cockroaches. With seemingly impossible to kill cockroaches, it can take forever until you’re finally free of these pests. Not only that, you will more than likely need repeated treatments to exterminate them.

The next thing is the number of pests you have. If the colony is tiny then it can be destroyed in a matter of hours. Compare this is larger, deep-seated infestations, where the number of the pests in their hundreds or thousands. In this case, it’s going to take prolonged efforts to kill every pest. This is also why it’s a good idea to immediately call an exterminator whenever you spot pests. the longer you wait the worse the infestation becomes and the longer it takes to get rid of.

The length of pest control depends on the type of procedure

Most of the time pesticides are sprayed or there is a process of fumigation. This takes a certain amount of time. But the real issue with these methods is that strong poisons are being introduced into your home. What this means is that you cannot immediately return. It takes a while before you can safely go back into the home.

Other methods of pest control take even longer. For instance, if you have rodents, we may have to set bait traps. These traps do not work immediately. They need to be periodically checked, emptied, and reset. It could take months before the traps have their desired effect and the pests are gone.

Are there ways to speed up the process?

First of all, explains pest control expert Glen who runs Diamond Ltd, one of London’s top exterminators, you must understand that the speed at which pests are removed really depends on the skill of your pest technicians. Highly experienced technicians know exactly what needs to be done to remove a certain pest, he goes on to say. They know where to find the pests fast and what method of extermination will work best. On the other hand, clueless amateurs will take forever.

Another variable in the time factor is also the method of extermination. As we’ve said, different methods take longer than others. One of the fastest techniques for controlling bed bugs as well as other insects is heat treatments. There are two reasons why this method works so fast. One, heat kills bugs instantly the moment that they come into contact with it. The pests do not gradually die or survive to fight another day. As soon as the heated vapour touches them they perspire. Two, with heat treatments no pesticides are used. This means you can immediately reenter your domicile, without waiting for the poisons to dissipate.