How Much Does It Cost to Snake a Drain?

Clogged drains aren’t just frustrating, but also waste your precious time. Everyday life is already very busy, clogged drains make for an inconvenient lifestyle. Markets sell so many drain cleaners for situations like this.

But most of these drain cleaning solutions are damaging to your pipes because of the chemicals used to form the drain cleaning solution. They can even cause your pipes to rust and the fumes they emit can be harmful to humans.

Thus, the best you can do for your drains is hire one of the best plumbers in San Jose for drain cleaning. The damage caused to your pipes can add to more expenses if you use chemical drain cleaners.

If you’re wondering how much it costs to unclog a drain by a plumbing service, this blog post has covered all the information that you require.

The cost of hiring a plumber to snake a drain

Well, when it comes to giving you cost estimations, we can’t quote the exact price as every plumbing service will charge you depending on the severity of the clog.

A professional plumber assesses the issue and determines the cause of the clog before beginning the drain cleaning process. Various factors affect the cost a plumber will charge you for snaking a drain. Here are some factors:

Type of clog – Type of clog refers to the location of a clog. Whether it is in the kitchen drain, toilet drain, or bathroom drain. You will see variations in the costs of unclogging the drains based on where they are located. For toilet clogs, you can expect to pay higher than other types of drain.

In fact, the shower drains often lead to paying more simply because these drains are stuck with huge hair and can be more severe.

Apart from the charge of snaking a drain, the plumber has its own charge for doing the service. This cost varies from company to company. It’s better to call some of the best companies for drain cleaning and ask for estimates for the same.

The severity of the clog – Not all clogs are the same. Some may not be harder than you imagine to get removed, while some may need advanced methods such as hydro jetting. Clogs that are caused by debris and grease buildup are much harder and more severe to eliminate from drains and pipes.

The high-pressure water method is more expensive than other drain cleaning methods. A severe clog can take up many hours, unlike a simple clog. The more severe the clog is, the more you can expect to pay your plumber.

Additional charges – If unclogging of the drain involves the replacement of any parts of the plumbing, this will add to the current cost you will pay. You can’t know what the problem is unless a professional plumber finds what the problem is.

It might be possible that you don’t need to snake a drain but have a different problem.


When searching for professional plumbing and water heater repair in San Jose to eliminate a clog through snaking, always make sure you hire reputable and experienced plumbers. Your plumbing is precious, so be sure it’s in the right hands.