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How Office Furniture Affects Employees Productivity

Most of our adult life is spent in the workplace. Always keeping up with the deadlines and frenetic working schedule can result in a lot of pressure put on our shoulders. Many employees have difficulties adapting to their office environment and to smoothly complete the assigned tasks.

On the other hand, company owners have different goals. They are in continuous pursuit to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency to further develop their business. In many cases, these factors can lead to two situations: stressed staff members and low performance in the job.

Office furniture plays an important role when it comes to employee happiness and overall company achievements. In this article, we will talk about how office furniture affects employees’ productivity and what you should consider when choosing your office furniture.

Things that Affects Productivity

The working environment is the place where everyday workers carry out their daily jobs. The climate inside the office is determined by many different aspects. Elements like the lighting, temperature, and quality of air can directly influence productivity.

Similarly, office furniture affects employees’ productivity as well. From the office booth seating to the overall layout of the workspace, if poorly designed, the environment can be detrimental to the company’s operativity.

High noises and inadequate equipment can have a significant impact on the job too. Workers can be easily distracted by loud sounds. Besides, ineffective working tools can delay assignment completion.

How to Increase Productivity

Office furniture affects employees’ productivity significantly. A working position with ergonomic chairs can better support the spine. Setting the position to keep the right posture and distance from the screen can help your team members’ eyesight.

Uncomfortable working chairs are not the only reason for staff discontinuous performance. Workers need to have their own space, where now and then they can unwind. An interesting new concept that we have found out recently is lightSpace “House sofa.”

Introduced as a new idea for office furniture, the new series lightSpace “House sofa” combines more functional areas all in one. Here staff members can share leisure time and social recreation during breaks.

Individual privacy is ensured due to the separated units, where you can have your cup of coffee or a private chat with your colleagues. In this way, the noise will not have a negative impact on people who are still working. This is the perfect demonstration of how office furniture affects employees’ productivity in a positive way providing areas for stress-release.

How to choose Office Furniture

After talking about how office furniture affects employees’ productivity, let’s take a look at how to choose your office furniture.

There are many types of office furniture. Some of them can be referred to as stationary, and others can be moved according to the necessity. The essential pieces are the ones forming the working position like the desk, working chair, and connected cabinets or shelves. Other types can be decoration complements such as sofas, lounge chairs, benches, coffee tables, and their related accessories.

“House sofa” furniture affects employees’ productivity in an effective way. It can improve upon workspace utilization by considering its functionalities, as well as ergonomic and relaxation values.


The design of your organization’s office should reflect your style. The aesthetics and functions should represent your brand identity. We recommend thinking about how office furniture can affect employees’ productivity and your budget when searching for office furniture.

lightSpace can provide you with the right suggestions on the matter. Founded in 2013, lightSpace has taken its path by pursuing originality in design, distancing itself from the plagiarism of some of the other domestic companies.

Through its new collection lightSpace hopes to rethink the working place by filling it with the safe and warm feeling that peoples have when home.