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How to choose the perfect golf trolley

Sick and tired of lugging your clubs around the golf course? We’re not surprised.

A typical golf bag weighs 10kg and carrying it uses approximately 30% more energy than if you were to use a golf trolley, for instance. This energy loss can impact your concentration and performance – not to mention, increase the risk of back, shoulder, and knee injuries.

Golf trolleys, like the ones available at Clarkes Golf Centre, are no longer a niche product. They are commonplace amongst golfers of all ages and abilities and guaranteed to take the strain off, allowing you to preserve your energy for the 18th hole.

But how do you know which one is right for you? Here we look at the key things you should consider when choosing the perfect golf trolley.

What are your options?

There are three main types of golf trolleys on the market today:

  • Push trolleys
  • Pull trolleys
  • Electric trolleys

Though they all carry the weight of your golf bag – so you don’t have to – they each come with pros and cons.

Push and pull trolleys are powered manually and, arguably, the best option for flatter courses. They are easy to set up on arrival, don’t need charging up, and don’t cost the earth. But they can put a lot of strain on your body and cause muscular imbalances.

It’s for this reason that many golfers opt for electric golf trolleys. Despite being the most expensive option, these are a fantastic investment and will effectively reduce the burden of carrying, pushing, or pulling – allowing you to concentrate on your game.

How much space do you have?

Most golf trolleys can be folded down compact in just a few simple movements – ideal when car boot space is at a premium.

Push trolleys tend to fold down smaller than electric golf trolleys – mainly because they don’t have to cater for a battery. However, some Motocaddy golf trolleys (i.e. the Motocaddy M1) are just as compact and have a small folded footprint.

The CT6 is just one of the Powakaddy golf trolleys you can buy and makes for an easy choice if you lack space. It unfolds itself whilst you prepare for your round and comes with a host of brilliant features, including a USB charging port, colour display, and more.

Are you playing hilly courses?

Believe it or not, the type, of course, you play on will determine the best golf trolley for your needs.

Often, a good push or pull trolley is enough for flatter courses and comes with a ball, tee and scorecard holder and foot brake as standard, not to mention an adjustable height handle for maximum comfort and control.

However, if you tend to play on undulating terrain, an electric golf trolley will help you to move your golf clubs from one hole to the next with ease – taking the pressure off your body.

A trolley that features a parking brake – which enables you to securely park your trolley on a slope and take your shot, without worrying about it rolling away – is ideal. And one that travels at a speed of your choice when going downhill is even better.

Luckily, several Motocaddy golf trolleys provide a Downhill Control (DHC) function that ensures your trolley maintains a constant speed when travelling on the steepest of slopes (with your clubs intact).

How easy is it to use?

A major factor to consider when choosing the perfect trolley is how it works.

Some golfers argue that manual trolleys are the easiest to operate as all you need to do is lift them out of your boot, unfold them and make your way from the car park, onto the course. But just because electric golf trolleys take that little bit longer to set up, it doesn’t mean you should write them off just yet.

Once you get into the habit of charging your battery after every round, using an electric trolley can be as stress-free as using a push trolley. Plus it does the hard work for you – allowing you to play at your best.

Do you want the latest technology?

If money is no object, and you only want the best golf equipment, it’s well worth investing in a Motocaddy or Powakaddy electric trolley.

With lithium batteries, GPS distances, and smartphone notifications, the technology and features built into electric golf trolleys these days are mind-blowing. But, like anything else, an all-singing all-dancing trolley will cost you more.

If you’re on a budget, you may have to sacrifice some features. However, there is plenty of great value electric trolleys to choose from that will inevitably enhance your performance – particularly on those all-important last few holes.

So, why not take a look at the range of trolleys on offer at Clarkes Golf today and find the perfect one for you?

If you’re still unsure which to choose after browsing their products, you can always give them a call on 01744 885 294 or email

Alternatively, visit their superstore in Rainford, St Helens – just off the A570 – and explore their extensive range of golf equipment, clothing, and footwear up close. You can even chat with an expert whilst you’re there.