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How to Clean a Motorcycle Carburetor?

If you want to keep your motorcycle ready, cleaning is key  That is why we explain how to clean your carburetor and why it is important

The carburetor is shown as one of the most important elements for the proper functioning of the motorcycle, since it is in charge of feeding the engine, through the proper gasoline and air mixture. For this reason, it is necessary to clean the carburetor of the motorcycle regularly, and most importantly, in the correct way.

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Let’s jump into the deep, aware of the leading role that a carburetor plays in the operation of a motorcycle, from Pont Grup we wanted to make a post in which we are going to give you the keys so that you can carry out a correct cleaning of the carburetor of your motorcycle.

What is the carburetor and what does it do?

The main function of the carburetor is to ensure that the engine receives the mixture of air and gasoline that the propeller needs at all times. We could say that it is the heart of the engine, in charge of providing the necessary nutrients to start it.

But for the carburetor to be able to fulfill its function in the best possible way, it is essential that it is clean and that there is no trace of dirt that could interfere or obstruct its operation.

Hence the importance of cleaning the motorcycle’s carburetor, especially when it has been idle for a long time, and when the motorcycle is used daily. Otherwise, you will notice how your motorcycle loses strength little by little.

It should also be noted that there are different types of carburetors, although the vast majority are very similar to each other, the most common being the carburetors with a pressure opening bell, which are the ones that are used to mount four-stroke motorcycles.

Although cleaning a carburetor should not be a complicated task, it is advisable to have some knowledge of basic motorcycle mechanics, since in this way it will be much easier to access the carburetor.

Steps to clean the motorcycle carburetor

The first step to begin cleaning the carburetor is to make sure that your motorcycle is parked in a flat place and completely turned off.

The next thing will be to remove the covers that protect the different elements of the motorcycle and try to locate the carburetor. It is usually located behind the engine and is characterized by having a shape similar to that of a heart. When you locate it, we recommend taking pictures to later remember how it was placed.

Find the gas reserve tank and close it, to avoid fuel leaks. Place a container underneath, and open the gasoline reserve tank again, letting out about a liter of gasoline, which will serve to lubricate the parts.

Then you will have to remove the carburetor, and for this, you will have to open all the connections: gasoline hose, electricity cable and accelerator cable. You will also need to release the air inlet and outlet clamps.

You will see a plastic box located next to the battery, which will be where the air filter will be located, having to loosen the screws that hold it.

Once the carburetor is loose, you can remove it without any complications. When it is out, you will have to remove the cover that it has on the top and bottom, which is fastened with two screws.

Tips to clean the motorcycle carburetor

Already with the carburetor on the outside, we are going to give you a series of tips to clean the carburetor of the motorcycle correctly and leave it as new.

It is important that you clean each of the carburetor parts very carefully, as well as that you do not use water. Use the gasoline that you have previously let out and that has lubricated the carburetor, and use a toothbrush for cleaning.

Carburetor parts that you will need to clean:

  • Choke system.
  • Membrane cap.
  • Air richness screw, which acts as a valve and allows air to enter the carburetor.
  • The tank, which is where the fuel reserve that is going to enter the engine is stored.
  • The buoy, also known as a float, regulates the flow of fuel into the tank, depending on the engine’s consumption. To extract it, you must first remove the horizontal needle that holds it.
  • Jets, which are drilled screws that adjust the gasoline inlet in the intake.

In case the dirt does not disappear, there are specialized products for cleaning carburetors, which are more effective and tend to remove all the dirt.

You can also use a pressurized air gun to try to get rid of the more complicated remains of dirt, but you must combine it with gasoline or with a special product to clean carburetors since otherwise you could move dirt particles into the carburetor, and obstruct it even more.

After cleaning the motorcycle’s carburetor, you should leave all the parts on clean paper to dry, taking the necessary precautions to prevent airborne particles from sticking.

It is essential that you carry out this entire process with caution and delicacy, since there are many small parts that are of great importance, and you will have to treat them with care if you want the carburetor to work perfectly afterward.

In addition, taking notes and taking photographs will be of great help when you go to reassemble the carburetor since it will be able to solve any type of doubt you may have.

Importance of cleaning the motorcycle carburetor

Cleaning the motorcycle’s carburetor is of great importance since it should not be forgotten that it is one of the most important elements of the engine, which directly affects the operation of the motorcycle.

The carburetor is in charge of feeding the engine by providing it with the proper mixture of air and gasoline, and when it is dirty, it is possible that the motorcycle loses power or even does not start, because the gasoline mixture is not able to reach its destination.

As we have said before, cleaning the carburetor is essential when a motorcycle has been idle for a long time, and also when it is used every day.

Motorcycle carburetor maintenance

A good cleaning is essential for the proper maintenance of the motorcycle’s carburetor since in this way you will ensure that it will not accumulate large amounts of dirt, which could jeopardize its operation.

It will also be important that you take your motorcycle to the workshop to comply with all the pertinent revisions, since in this way a professional will be in charge of ensuring that everything is in perfect condition, helping you to prevent any type of problem that could affect its lifetime.

We hope that with this post we have solved all the doubts you may have about how to clean the motorcycle’s carburetor. Follow our advice, keep your carburetor clean, and your bike will work perfectly.