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How to get a better smile?

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Smiling is seen to be an involuntary response to anything that brings people laughter or joy. Although, these things may differ from person to person. However, according to some scientists, smiling is a voluntary response and that people do it consciously.

Recent studies have shown that a genuine smile is considered to be very attractive to other people. Studies have also confirmed that smiling can light up your mood as well as of those around you. Other studies have shown that smiling is also linked to good health and that it benefits a person’s overall health in the long run.

Hence, it is quite essential to keep smiling and keep improving it. One of the traditional ways to improve your smile is by putting on braces or invisalign. Here are the 5 best ways to get a better smile:


Smiling means showing your teeth, which means you need to have white teeth so you do not get embarrassed of the yellowish smile. In order to get a brighter and whiter smile, you need to whiten your teeth. There are a lot of teeth-whitening products that you can use in order to get a whiter smile or you can even try teeth-whitening treatments. However, before deciding, it is advisable to ask your dentist and take professional insight. The dentist will tell you what kind of treatment will work for you.


Another best way to improve your smile is by fitting crowns on your badly shaped or discolored teeth. A crown covers those teeth that are a bit damaged and improve the appearance of those teeth by making them stronger. Bridges are also attached with the help of crowns. Furthermore, it can prevent teeth from breaking and restore it, if it is already broken.


This method of improving your smile can be difficult and expensive. However, it guarantees a better smile after a year or two. In the past, only teenagers and kids were recommended to get braces as it gave optimal results. However, now thanks to technology, adults can also have braces and expect at least good results, if not optimal. Plastic braces or invisible braces, also known as invisalign, can be used to get a better smile as they improve the alignment of your jaw and teeth.


Many people are not happy with the way their teeth look and try the bonding method. Bonding is a method where the dentist literally bonds stuff such as resins, with your teeth. These bonding materials are then fused in with your teeth enamel in order to create an improved and stronger structure.


This way of getting a better smile is a mixture of the bonding and whitening method. Veneers are shells made up of teeth-colored materials. The sole purpose of these thin shells is to cover the front teeth which are visible when smiling. They make your teeth look whiter while removing only a small amount of teeth enamel.