How to get residency in Spain?

What is Spain good for?

Sunny, full of holidays and fun, rich in wine and fruit, varied in climate, nature, and traditions, and full of history, sights, and attractions!

Therefore, it is not surprising that many immigrants are looking for better fortune in this beautiful country with pleasant people and excellent cuisine, and good weather.

How to obtain residency in Spain?

Residency applications are not complex. It is a simple but routine procedure. In fact, all you need to do is understand which of the existing alternatives and requirements are ideal for you, or for you and your family.

You need to obtain a residency permit if you are a non-EU resident and want to stay in Spain for a time.

My Spain Visa offers the evaluation for your case thoroughly and chooses a suitable residence permit for you. This law firm also will help you in all legal proceedings step by step to obtain your residence in Spain.

What is a Spain non-lucrative visa?

Spain non-lucrative visa is a non-profit resident visa for non-European residents. This visa is a non-profit residency since they are not allowed to undertake any economic and professional activities in Spain.

This type of residence permit in Spain without the right to work is requested by the applicants with income, or rather savings, which will total at least 71 euros per day per person for the entire period of his expected residence in Spain.

At the same time, such a residence permit does not prohibit its owner from receiving income from opening and running a private business in Spain.

Before you travel to Spain, you must make the request procedure in your place of residency. It implies visitors entering Spain will not be able to apply for non-profit Spanish visas.

For most expats a non-profit resident visa is the preferable one, as it is not obligatory to invest in Spain to get it. The candidates, however, need to demonstrate their financial ability to sustain their stay in Spain without working for at least one year.

Solicitants must apply for a non-profit residency visa at least five weeks before their arrival to Spain.

The request should not, however, exceed three months. The application for a visa may be done by the Spanish Embassy, a consulate, or even a licensed third party providing the Spanish visas.

How to pay fewer taxes with Beckham law Spain 2021?

Usually, you become a tax resident when you relocate to work in Spain and are liable to the tax rate of the resident. A unique tax system does, however, allow foreigners, rather than Spanish non-resident revenue tax legislation, to decide to be responsible.

Under this scheme, tax is imposed at a fixed rate of 24% (the tax rate for non-residents; 45% for yearly incomes beyond 600,000 euros), rather than 19% to 45% sliding rates for residents.

In addition, only income earned in Spain, not worldwide, is subject to tax in Spain. Staying in the Beckham Law will assist you to pay lower taxes in Spain as well if you are not a resident.

How to pay fewer taxes with Beckham Law Spain 2021?

Take your expert counsel before you choose not to dwell under the Law of Beckham and to pay fewer taxes in Spain. If it is financially beneficial for you, let a tax consultant assess the tax due in Spain and other countries.

Moreover, you cannot profit from the double agreements if you are a non-tax resident in Spain.

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