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How To Improve Your Heart In 5 Healthy And Natural Ways

You might have heard the top health experts, cardiologists, and other medical practitioners stating the importance of heart health. According to the World Health Organization, heart diseases are the highest contributor to human deaths worldwide.

Many point out how getting heart disease is a lifestyle problem, brought upon by unhealthy eating and living habits. They refer to the fact that human beings have within their power all the agency and capability to improve their heart condition.

Looking after the condition of our heart can help improve our lifespan, fewer trips to the doctor, and contribute to better overall living.

In this article, we speak to one of the leading heart specialist doctor in Singapore and ask him about how we can improve our heart in healthy and natural ways.

Important Aspects you need to know about your Heart

Many times, people confuse the terms- ‘Heart Attack’ and ‘Heart Failure’. According to experts, heart failure can keep happening over a long period. A heart attack on the other hand takes place in an abrupt manner and is an isolated incident. Experts state that unstopped heart failure can lead to heart attacks.

If you are experiencing breathlessness, tiredness, cramps, muscle pain, or weakness, you might be suffering from heart failure. The heart in such cases is not able to work in an optimum fashion and carry out its function of pumping blood.

In terms of data, one-third of the entire American population suffers from high blood pressure. If you want to know whether you suffer from the same, check the following-

  • High Blood Pressure Range: 140-90
  • Normal Blood Pressure Range: 120-80

List of 5 Ways to Improve your Heart in a Healthy and Natural Fashion

  1. Cut down on Harmful Evils

Simple things such as removing smoking and alcohol consumption from your life can go a long way in improving heart health. According to the best doctors, increased intake of alcohol on a regular basis is very harmful to the heart and can result in blockages. Likewise, smoking weakens the heart’s muscles and limits its pumping performance.

  1. Walking, Breathing, and Sleeping

Many people fail to understand that heart is a muscle at the end of the day. The more you make it work out, the stronger will the muscle get. Regular walking, jogging, or engaging in fitness can go a long way to improving the strength of your heart muscles. Getting seven hours or daily sleep too can help in a major way. Yoga can be an asset for improving breathing.

  1. Eat Natural Foods

Most vegetables and fruits are very beneficial when it comes to promoting heart health. Many doctors suggest avoiding red meat for individuals who do not need such high levels of protein requirement. The high-fat content might lead to increased cholesterol and lead to blockages and fat build-up in the lining of the heart muscles. Eating as many green and leafy foods is great.

  1. Stay away from Infections and Viruses

Every time you get the flu, your heart suffers massively. This is because the heart is prone to catching infections. Dangerous infections like pneumonia significantly weaken the heart. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has also shown how the virus attacks the heart and causes heart attacks as a major cause of death in patients.

  1. Leave the Stresses and Tensions behind

Mental health is closely related to heart health. Getting agitated, suffering from anxiety, depression and other volatile emotions can be disastrous for your heart. This is why it is important to ensure that your mental health is good at all times. Therapy, exercises, and eating healthy can help. Sleeping too can reduce the stress and tension inside your body.

The Final Word

The heart might be just one of the many organs in your body. However, according to doctors, it is one of the most significant ones. By following all the tips and strategies in this article, you too can ensure that your heart stays active, healthy, and happy.

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