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How to Prepare for the 2020 Prelims?

The irony is that a great many of the IAS aspirants take the Prelims quite lightly. They are usually of the opinion that it is the Mains rather than the Prelims that deserves the best of their efforts while preparing for the Civil Services Exam.

The majority of the candidates aim at joining the Indian Administrative Services rather than any other cadre that UPSC offers. IAS is the most sought after of all the cadres so much so that the Civil Services Exam has also come to be known as the IAS Exam.

And it is the score in the Mains and the IAS Interview that counts while UPSC declares the rank of the successful candidates for the Civil Services Exam. As a result, the majority of the IAS aspirants are usually under an impression that as they only have to qualify the Prelims, they would do so easily without facing much of the difficulty.

However, the truth is that only a few of the candidates applying for the Civil Services Exam qualify the Prelims successfully. Though there is more than sufficient of the content available on the Internet, apart from what is provided by the regular IAS coaching institutions to its students, the candidates usually study for the Mains more sincerely, even if they have to make considerable efforts to choose the content and make selective reading.

It is Advisable to Take Qualifying Prelims Seriously

In spite of the fact that enough of the content is available both online and otherwise for the preparation of the Prelims, it is the lack of the intent to prepare well for the qualifying Exam that results in the failure for the majority of the candidates in the same.

Besides, it is the quality of the effort that you put in for the preparation for the Prelims that counts. However, the majority of the IAS aspirants either does not study well for the Prelims or simply do not revise well what they have been studying all the time.

The truth is that the candidates feel that they should be studying when it comes to prepare for the Mains. They would look for the best of the study material. They would be reading the same repeatedly and also revise well.

But the same sincerity is not exhibited for the preparation for the qualifying Prelims by the majority. As a result, they fail in the Prelims simply because they have been underestimating its significance most of the time.

Tips to Prepare for the Prelims 2020

If you are keen on qualifying the impending Prelims 2020, here are a few tips, besides joining an IAS coaching institute in Delhi would be an added advantage:

  • Begin with a positive mindset: Even before you prepare for an Exam, specifically the IAS Exam, it is your mindset (that includes your perception of all the stages that Exam comprises) that counts more than anything else. It plays a pivotal role in helping you achieve your goal.

Thus, do not underestimate the importance of the Prelims simply because it is the qualifying Exam.

First of all, the sooner an IAS aspirant understands how important it is to clear the qualifying Exam, the better it is. Unless and until, you do not qualify the Prelims, you would simply not be allowed by UPSC to appear for the Mains.

  • Solve the Test Series as frequently as possible

It should never be forgotten that UPSC would let your GS Paper-Prelims get evaluated only if you qualify the CSAT Paper. Thus, it would be in the best of your interests to solve the test series as frequently as possible. Besides, making the regular revision would help you equip better to clear the Prelims.

  • Keep your knowledge of the Current Affairs updated

Well, if you aim at joining the Indian Administrative Services, your qualities as a potential administrator would obviously require you to have a thorough knowledge of the Current Affairs. Besides, it is advisable to update the same as and when required. It would help you qualify the Prelims with a greater ease.

  • Solve the Previous Years’ question papers

Doing so would give you a fair share of the idea about the Exam pattern and the type of the questions UPSC asks for the Prelims. Besides, you would get to know the changes in the Examination, if any, produced by UPSC. Also, if you solve the past years’ UPSC question papers for the Prelims in the same time frame as observed by UPSC for the Exam, you would be better equipped to attempt the maximum number of the questions when it actually comes to facing the Exam.

Apart from the advantages as stated above, solving the previous years’ question papers would also give you a brilliant opportunity to make the self assessment, every time you solve a paper. Moreover, you would be getting a good practice to answer the questions for the Prelims.

  • Keep your mind relaxed

Though you are well aware that the Qualifying Exam does need to be qualified in order to go ahead with the Mains, stay relaxed for you would be able to prepare well for the Exam only with a relaxed mind.

To sum up, there are a few factors that count well for the preparation of all the Exams specifically the IAS Exam. Eat well and sleep well. A healthy mind always resides in a healthy body. So, if you do not feel fit and fine, you would not be able to prepare well for the Exam. And, once again, your mind should be cool, calm and relaxed. Getting unnerved and tense over the Examination is not going to result into anything positive. You may prepare well when you enjoy tranquility of the mind. With the peace of the mind, you would able to prepare for the Exam in the best possible manner.

Besides, apart from the tips given above, you might be having a few ideas of your own. Consider everything well and chart out a strategy to prepare in an effective manner.