How to save money at Coles and Woolworths: Mum shows off epic grocery haul including 2.2kg of chicken for $1.44

A family managed to slash their grocery bill by more than $140 by following their favourite budget hacks.

Louellen, from Dandenong in Melbourne, was thrilled to show off the markdown buys she scored on her recent trip to Coles – including 2.2kg of chicken for $1.44.

She decided to go into the supermarket on a whim after having a bad day, and her incredible haul made up for how ‘bummed out’ she was feeling earlier. 

Louellen’s shop included mild sopressa salami (47c down from $7.50), smoked chilli chicken (98c down from $19.71), and roast pork (43c down from $8.70).

‘I hit the jack pot today,’ she said. ‘The top row is containers of cubed chicken breast, 2.2kg for $1.44! And heaps of trays of deli meat like roast pork, ham, and salami.’

Louellen revealed that her secret was shopping the bargains and keeping an eye out for newly placed yellow stickers in every aisle.

Louellen, from Dandenong in Melbourne, was thrilled to show off the markdown buys she scored on her recent trip to Coles – including 2.2kg of chicken for $1.44

The Melbourne woman revealed that it was essential to note the ‘best before’ date on discounted products – especially meats and dairy. 

‘I have been buying discounted for years and can honestly say that I had something off only once, and I threw it away before cooking,’ she said. ‘I’m pretty good at looking at the dates and making sure it’s a day or two ahead.’

Graham Cooke, head of consumer research at Finder, shared hacks for customers to shop for better value on their groceries.

‘You don’t need to drive all around town to save $2 on your onions, but a little goes a long way,’ Mr Cooke said. ‘Make a habit of checking the weekly half-price deals at major supermarkets so you can stock up on regular purchases when they’re on sale.’

Mr Cooke said customers should be aware of savings programs offered by supermarkets, which can reduce the price of their shopping.

‘Coles and Woolies also offer loyalty points and don’t surcharge you to pay by card, so it’s worth keeping in mind if the prices are nearly the same,’ he said.

Other shoppers shared their top tips to score bargains on grocery buys.

‘I find if I go to Coles in a richer suburb with a nicer store – the discounts suck. Find a poor suburb!’ one said.

‘Shop in the evening for discounted items but the morning for fresh produce,’ another advised. 

One mum also recommended doing fewer, but bigger, shops. 

‘I’ve stopped shopping every week,’ one said. ‘If you only shop every eight or nine days, that’s one fewer shop each month.’

‘Not only does this save you precious money you usually wouldn’t even think about, but it also prompts you to shop your fridge, freezer and pantry before you go to the supermarket.’

Simple budgeting tips that can save you thousands of dollars each year 

* Meal plan and cook one meat-free dinner every week

* Buy meat in bulk and use cheaper cuts where possible

* Make bulk mince dishes with lentils and grated vegetables. Freeze leftovers

* Freeze all unfinished pastes such as curry pastes, tomato pasta, and passata. Pour into an ice cube tray and once frozen transfer to a zip lock bag

* Try vent smart containers  to extend the life of your fresh produce

* Check catalogues for weekly specials, meal plan according to shop sales and shop online to see your total before the checkout

* Try using an app such as Trolley Saver to compare grocery prices across different stores

* Each day throw any spare change you have into a money box – you will be surprised how fast it adds up