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How To Stop Smoking Immediately

Tobacco cravings or urges to smoke are intense for most tobacco users. But at some point, some may want to quit smoking. However, attempt to quit and stick to that plan are different.

Thankfully, there are useful tips and strategies for quitting smoking forever. Moreover, remember when an urge of smoking strikes, it will pass within a few minutes. Every time you resist yourself having a cigarette, you’re one step closer to stopping tobacco.

By changing the lifestyle, learning what you should do and shouldn’t, or knowing the after-results of stop smoking, you can resist tobacco urges successfully. Keep reading the article to know how to stop smoking immediately.

How To Stop Smoking Immediately With 10 Quick Tips?

Are you ready for a life-changing decision? Let’s take a look at 10 quick self-help tips to stop smoking.

Make A Plan

A little preparation can help you set the mind to quit smoking permanently. So, first and foremost, make a promise to yourself and stick to it.

However, according to American Lung Association, the first 7-10 days are the hardest to resist and manage yourself as a regular smoker. So, get motivated and find a powerful reason like protecting family from passive smoking to outweigh the urge.

List All Benefits

What happens after you quit smoking completely? You can write down the benefits and keep them in mind. So, whenever you feel out of control, read them loudly.

Some of the benefits of quitting smoking are:

  • Stop smoking means breaking the cycle of nicotine addiction.
  • Improvement in lung function.
  • Lower risk in coronary heart disease.
  • Less coughing and shortness of breathing.
  • More vivid taste in food.
  • Change Food Habit

Do you like to light up while having a steak? Some foods like meat make cigarettes even more satisfying. In contrast, nobody loves to smoke with vegetables or fruits.

Therefore, changing diet is one of the most effective ways to stop smoking. You can start by having a veggie pizza or veg burger instead of steak.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol and tobacco are the best combinations all smokers love. That’s why it’s advisable to avoid alcohol at least for a few months while planning to stop smoking. So, give an excuse to your friends to avoid parties for not having a drink.

Even though you drink occasionally, it may trigger the tobacco urge so badly that you can’t resist. So, while kicking nicotine addiction, don’t rush and avoid places that involve alcohol.

Similarly, tea or coffee and cigarettes also go hand-in-hand. So, if you feel out, drink fruit juice or plenty of water.

Consider Nicotine Replacement Therapy

When you decide to quit smoking, nicotine withdrawal becomes a headache. The craving for “one last time” goes intense and consequently, you start again. The best way to stop smoking is to try nicotine replacement. Here are a few options that a doctor may prescribe:

  • Prescription nicotine as an inhaler or nasal spray.
  • Short-term nicotine replacement therapies like chewing nicotine lozenges, gum, and patches.
  • A long-term process as non-nicotine medications like varenicline (Chantix) and bupropion (Zyban).

Additionally, you can try an electronic cigarette instead of traditional cigarettes. There are many benefits of electronic cigarettes:

  • Chances of risk are much lower and, eventually, less harmful.
  • Do not produce carbon monoxide or tar such as tobacco.
  • No smell.
  • E-cigarettes create aerosol that you inhale, whereas regular tobacco cigarettes have over 7,000 toxic chemicals.

Many UK residents demand, after getting e-cigarettes, they’ve stopped smoking effectively. If you’re interested too, visit E-liquid shop Terpy for the highest-quality electronic cigarette liquid selection.

Seek Support

When you’re trying hard, you need encouragement. So, talk to your family, loved ones, and friends. Tell them that you’re close to resist the tobacco temptation. Further, you can join a support group or see a counselor for behavioral therapy. It will surely help you to come clean sooner.

Do Some Physical Activities

People find it difficult to focus on “say no more to cigarettes” for very long. Rather than feeling restless, why not do some physical activities and exercise? These will keep your mind away from smoking.

Start by going for a morning walk or jogging. Even short bursts of physical activity like running up and down the stairs for a few minutes can also help sudden tobacco cravings. If you’re stuck at home or office, do squats, pushups, running at a place, etc. In addition, try some of your favorites hobbies, for instance, knitting, drawing, woodwork, and so on.

Stay Relax

If you think tobacco is your friend to deal with stress, try some other options. No doubt, resisting tobacco cravings is not an easy task, though. Henceforth, do some relaxation techniques such as yoga, deep-breathing exercise, listening to calm music, etc.

Reward Yourself

How much money do you spend on buying cigarettes each year? Have you ever calculated it? Then you would know piles of money you had wasted on smoking.

Besides several health benefits, one of the best things to stop smoking straight away is saving all money. Think about what you can buy from that amount. Reward yourself each day during the process and stay motivated.

Final Words

Stop smoking immediately may be daunting, but once you get control, it’s not difficult. So, stay positive about the progress. There will be many temptations of tobacco. However, you can’t lose focus and hope. Sooner or later, going “cold turkey” will be the best thing for the health.