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Hungry Jack’s launches the Big Jack that looks VERY similar to McDonald’s bestseller 

Spot the difference: Burger chain launches the ‘Big Jack’ that looks VERY similar to McDonald’s bestseller

  • The popular burger chain launched Big Jack which is very similar to the Big Mac 
  • Social media users were quick to mock Hungry Jack’s for the identical burger 
  • Hungry Jack’s said their burger was different because it is flame-grilled

Hungry Jack’s has released a new burger which bears a striking resemblance to  McDonald’s bestseller the Big Mac. 

The popular Australian burger chain launched the ‘Big Jack’ on Monday before posting images to its website and social media pages.

It features ‘two flame-grilled 100 per cent Aussie beef patties’, special sauce, melted cheese, pickles and onions on a toasted sesame seed bun.

Eagle-eyed customers were quick to mock the chain’s new creation on Facebook.  

Hungry Jack’s has released a new burger that looks very similar to McDonald’s Big Mac 

‘Did they just steal the Big Mac?’ another asked. 

‘That’s literally a Big Mac,’ another commented.

‘I sense a lawsuit,’ one hinted. 

‘I like how they’re embracing their plagiarism,’ someone else wrote.

‘Looks exactly like a Big Mac only different name,’ another wrote. 

However Hungry Jack’s appeared to recognise the cheeky nod to its rival with a comment.

‘There’s something…”special” about our new Big Jack. It must be the flame-grilled Aussie beef,’ Hungry Jack’s wrote on Facebook with a cheeky winking emoji. 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Hungry Jack’s for comment. 

Hungry Jack's launched a burger that looks like McDonald's' Big Mac (pictured)

Hungry Jack’s launched a burger that looks like McDonald’s’ Big Mac (pictured)


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