Hunky professional organizer Justin Klosky shares tips for closet organization and spring cleaning

Got weekend plans? The weather is warming up and the days are getting longer – it’s time for spring cleaning. Store your winter coats and heavy sweaters to make way for colorful maxi dresses, swimsuits and short shorts!

While the closet swap is an annual practice, Founder and CEO of the O.C.D. (Organize and Create Discipline) Experience, Justin Klosky, suggests that there’s much more to it than just adjusting to the temps.

‘Spring cleaning is all about peace of mind, clarity for one’s self and being able to feel a sense of accomplishment in your life so that you have a mental benchmark for the year ahead, said Justin.

He’s a pro: The weather is warming up and the days are getting longer – it’s officially time for spring cleaning. For the best tips and tricks on getthng organized, we spoke to Founder and CEO of the O.C.D. (organize and create discipline) Experience, Justin Klosky

‘We at O.C.D. Experience believe that “spring cleaning” should happen continuously, but unfortunately life doesn’t always work that way,’ he said. 

If this is the one time of year that you tidy up, then Justin advises going deep.

‘Treat it like a move. When you move you essentially take everything out of your home, which allows you to see every bit of space.

‘With that in mind, think about all of the areas you haven’t touched in your living space or office for the last 365 days.’ 

For maximum results, Justin suggests moving beds, couches, ovens, refrigerators, washers and dryers, anything that has been collecting dust and that is normally left untouched.


1. Don’t rush to buy storage solutions

‘Before purchasing anything, know exactly what you need to organize. People waste so much money buying organizing tools that they never use or don’t know how to use.

‘Like building a house, know what materials you really need, make a plan and then get your supplies.’

2. Determine what to purge

When deciding what to get rid of, Justin suggests asking yourself when was the last time you wore the item.

‘If the answer is not recently, then determine whether you feel positive, negative or neutral about the item. 

‘If it’s not an instant positive, then maybe its time to get rid of it,’ he said. ‘Would you even notice if it was to be gone? Could someone else make better use of it?’

3. Organize with thoughtfulness 

While Justin believes a closet should be arranged in whatever way best suits it’s user, the expert likes to organize by style of clothing and then by color.

‘One great way to tackle a closet is to pull everything out of it to really see what you have. Most of us only use a fraction of what we own in terms of clothes. Only put back what you really wear and love.’

4. Designate a space for shoes

‘In a perfect world, all shoes would be in one place, except for the pairs that are being used on a weekly basis, which should be left at the front door (if you have the space and the discipline) then filtered back into the shoe area.

‘You should designate space for a set amount of shoes in your closet. When space is limited, pack all off-season styles in a storage box (unused luggage also works), and put it away on a shelf or in storage. Utilize the floor with a short stackable shelf.

While holding on to shoe boxes (especially high-end designer ones) is tempting, Justin says to get rid of them as they take up precious space.

5. Get creative with your space

‘The most under utilized spaces in closets are usually the floor and walls. Consider using storage devices, organizing tools and hanging hooks to give you more options. 

‘Use totes, bins and large containers to hold various items and minimize clutter, but be specific and label what these storage devices are intended for so they don’t become a catch all.’

While it’s normal to want to pile things on the floor, Justin believes that the less you put there, the better.

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‘Small spaces need love and attention, and for this reason don’t be scared to think outside of the box.  

‘For those with a tiny closet, you have to be creative and you have to be disciplined with what you have in your wardrobe.’ 

To free up space and fit more in one area, Justin recommends drop down hangers that support five or so garments.

‘Eliminate anything that’s just taking up space and not being used. Last case scenario, get storage bins to slide extra clothes/shoes/accessories and materials under your bed. If you are messy, learning to fold efficiently helps.’

For more spring cleaning tips, check out Justin’s book Organize & Create Discipline.    

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