I peel bananas before weighing them at the supermarket – it’s a great way to save money

Frugal man peels bananas before weighing them at the supermarket to save money – and people say his girlfriend should leave him

As food inflation soars and the cost-of-living reaches an all-time high, many shoppers are looking for the best ways to save money.

Whereas some are opting for cheaper ingredients while doing the food shop, others are a little bit more creative in their money-saving schemes – like one frugal TikToker who wanted to cut the cost of his weekly shop.

The shopper, from Australia, was captured peeling bananas before weighing them at the self-service checkout in order to make them a little bit cheaper. 

The super saver called Mason was exposed for his hilarious, but supposedly effective, way of saving money on a video posted on a TikTok account shared with his girlfriend Mai.

In the video, shared on the @savingforboba account, Mason demonstrates his cost-saving technique – but not everyone is convinced by the method, and some have accused him of being a ‘penny pincher’ while others have even encourage Mai to leave him.

Mason and Mai's banana hack

TikTok couple Mason and Mai shared Mason’s hack for buying cheaper bananas – by peeling them before weighing them at the supermarket

Posting the video on TikTok, Mai writes: ‘How my frugal boyfriend saves money on his bananas’. 

She adds in the caption: ‘The secondhand embarrassment tho.’

As the video opens, Mason is seen taking a banana from the basket at the supermarket and peeling it.

He then drops the peeled piece of fruit into a small, clear carrier bag.

In the next shot, Mason puts the peeled banana inside its bag onto the weighing scale at the self-checkout.

Responding to Mason’s idea, viewers of the video were unsure about his money-saving scheme.

One person warned Mai: ‘Break up with him and call the cops.’

Another said: ‘All that to save 25¢.’

While Mai insisted her boyfriend’s move was ‘frugal’, another person argued: ‘That’s not frugal, that’s penny pinching.’

One viewer joked: ‘The weight of the plastic bag and the cost it added must be giving him sleepless nights.’

The couple, who often post money-saving tips on their TikTok account, have also revealed innovative, but slightly controversial ways of bagging freebies to save money.

In one video, the couple visits fast food chain Taco Bell, where Mason decides he wants a fizzy drink, but isn’t keen on paying for it.

The chain offers free refills for people who have already paid for a fizzy drink. 

To get out of paying for the drink, Mason is pictured picking up a used cup from the road in the car park, before taking it to the refill station.

Viewers were even more unimpressed with this ‘hack’ than the cheap bananas, and took to the comments to criticise Mason.

One person said: ‘That’s a massive red flag. Time for a new boyfriend.’

Another said: ‘THAT’S FERAL I hope he didn’t drink out of that.’

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