Japan’s New Regulations List Nine Games to Be Permitted Inside Casinos

Japan’s draft casino prompted by the Casino Regulatory Commission has listed nine casino games that will be normalized inside the country’s casino establishments, with traditional Japanese games like pachislot, Pachinko, and mahjong all prominent exclusions.

The list delimited by the Casino Regulatory Commission’s draft regulations published last month includes 21 variations of games currently banned in the country but set to be legalized as part of the government’s IR development plan.

The list includes games like baccarat (2 types), Blackjack (4 types), roulette, poker (8types), Casino War, Sic Bo, craps, money wheel, and pai gow. Digital games are also allowed.

Reviews and feedback from the public on the new regulations will also be accepted until 9 May, after which time final casino regulations will be decided. So far, these regulations demand prior background checks on all major stakeholders and managers of casinos and IR operators to ensure “social credibility”. These regular checks will involve detailed surveys into financial and illicit records, as well as whether there are any links to organized crime.

In order to avoid any problem gambling, casino managers are expected to ban players suspected of addiction for at least one year and even limit the number of casino visits they are doing each month. Casino operators are also required to establish a consultation desk for those seeking help for gambling addiction. The current time will also be on display to all guests on the casino floor, while ATMs will be prohibited.

Japan’s Love for Online Gambling

In recent years, online gaming has become increasingly more popular in the country, especially gambling. Long before regulations permitted Nipponese people to relish the wonders of a real, land-based casino experience, they found a way to indulge their love for gaming.

From indulging in all sorts of live Blackjack and poker games to learning how to play live Blackjack at an online casino, the Japanese knew how to enjoy this exciting and incredibly modern way to bring the thrill of the casino at home.

Among famous casino games like Blackjack, Poker, and baccara, Pachinko, a game that has been enjoyed all across the country for decades, remains a viable entertainment option in 2021.

Because Pachinko is considered a game of timing, it is permitted in Japan even though there are gambling elements. Even more, pachinko parlours use a token-based system that eliminates the transfer of real cash between the machine and player.

How Many Online Casinos are In Japan?

Currently, there is no online casino to operate within the country since operating any casino is illegal for natives and foreigners located in Japan. However, the natives can access any online casino platform they wish. Given that everyone has access to the world wide web via computers or mobile phones, the Japanese’s choice of online casino is basically limitless. What’s more, until land-based begin opening in the country, online gambling will grow in popularity.

To access a Japanese casino – enter the website and look around – is absolutely free. This is great for newbies trying to learn new Blackjack strategies as it allows you to decide whether or not a particular platform is for you. You also need to registers (which is good news since every sign-up brings on welcome bonuses).

It’s only when you enter the website and start playing games (make bets) that you will need to spend money in order to enjoy your favourite Blackjack game.

What is the most popular online casino game in Japan?

Apart from Blackjack and poker, online gambling in Japan brings upon both mainstream and alternative options. Common casino games for Japanese include roulette, online slot machines, and of course, online “game shows”, which are interactive and unique. The Nipponese also enjoy bingo games, especially those from the older generations. With a great expansion in the online gambling community also come new betting opportunities.

Do they play Pachinko online?

While there is nothing to restrict Japanese people from playing it online, there is a catch. Pachinko, a popular parlour game, is permitted only because you play to win a” voucher”, not cash. But since these vouchers can be gained online, this makes it impossible for Pachinko enthusiasts to enjoy the game from the comfort of their homes. Yet, it’s recommended to play several times online and practice before a trip to Japan.

What’s Next for the Japanese Gambling Environment?

IR is set to become a reality in Japan – the question is when. Hopeful observers cited these would be accessible before the World Expo in 2025 – especially since one of the notable Japanese IR schemes is being built within Osaka’s city parameters.

Japan is already well prepared to accommodate the resorts with the Integrated Resort Promotion Act and the Basic Act on Countermeasures for Gambling Addiction; we can say that they’ve covered all their bases. They’re currently working on regulation sand issues that come with the introduction of land-based casinos. These issues are of economic and lawful nature, not to mention the fear of gambling addiction.

Mobile gambling has still a lot to catch up with Pachinko, but with the current global state, Japan could easily make the case that will see another major rise. With restrictions being lifted across the country, the Japanese could be seen lined up outsides favoured Pachinko Parlors. This only proves that the urge to gamble is far from lost in Japanese people, and a new opportunity is on its way.

So far, the Japanese gamers are bound to relish classic online games like Blackjack and Poker, to more novel options like baccarat and interactive “game shows”. Online gambling cultures don’t seem to come to an end any time soon – and as far as their officials are concerned – online alternative also Japanese people to get around the state’s old-fashioned laws about gambling.