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John Worboys ‘to take his freedom fight to Europe’

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John Worboys’ release from prison is currently on hold following a legal challenge. 

The black cab rapist was dragged to the High Court earlier this month as two of his victims launched their legal fight to stop the 60-year-old’s impending release from prison.  

Worboys, who sat emotionless in a caged dock at the Royal Courts of Justice, looked over to the victim occasionally as the judges ruled to allow a judicial review into the Parole Board’s decision to set him free. 

Worboys was informed that a temporary order would see him remain behind bars until the review into why he was set for release was heard. 

A two-day hearing will be held on March 13 to determine whether or not the Parole Board made an ‘irrational’ and illegal decision to free the predator. 

If Worboys is kept inside, he will be able to challenge the decision at the Court of Appeal.

If that fails, he could take the case to the Supreme Court, the highest court in England and Wales.

Failing that, Worboys could go to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.


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