Katie Price and Carl Woods split: Claims she cheated on him

Carl Woods has claimed he has split from fiancé Katie Price after finding out she has slept with someone else. 

The car salesman, 34, took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday morning to make the claims and said their on-off relationship of two years is now over. 

He said: ‘There is no easy way to say this and it’s quite embarrassing to be honest. I found out yesterday Katie cheated on me. 

‘She’s admitted she has cheated on me’: Carl Woods took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday to claim he has split from fiancé Katie Price after finding out she has slept with someone else

‘She’s admitted cheating on me. So yeah, that’s the end of that I guess

‘I’m just going to have to focus on rebuilding myself and get my life back on track and concentrate on me. But that’s done.’

A spokesperson for Katie Price declined to comment to MailOnline.   

Katie, 44, had been trying for a baby and recently returned from a luxury trip to Thailand together.

All over: Katie and Carl have had an on-off relationship for the past two years

All over: Katie and Carl have had an on-off relationship for the past two years  

Katie even wrote on one of Carl’s Instagram posts of himself: ‘Fit.’ 

However, it’s fair to say the relationship has not been an easy one. 

A new report in OK! magazine claimed this week that the couple were set to ‘call off their wedding.

According to the publication, their close friends fear their relationship is coming to an end after a series of ‘small and petty rows’.

A source told OK: ‘A lot of drama that has happened between Katie and Carl seems to have been brushed under the carpet, but their relationship doesn’t seem that strong at the moment and friends think it could be over soon.’

In August, Katie has confirmed her relationship with Carl was still going strong after ‘a hacker’ told fans they split on her social media.

The former glamour model told fans her TikTok account had been hacked, after it replied to a fan’s comment confirming her romance with Carl was over. Commenting under a video Katie posted of her son Harvey in a van, a follower said: ‘you still with Karl’ [sic], Katie simply responded with: ‘No’.

She later claimed: ‘My account was hacked! I want to confirm I’m still with my fiancé Carl Woods!’ 

In July, it was claimed Katie had told strangers she was single.

An onlooker said: ‘Katie was letting her hair down and telling people that her engagement with Carl was over.

‘She said that the couple had been rowing non-stop on holiday and things had come to blows with her deciding to call it a day when they returned home.’

Yet Carl quickly took to social media to claim it was all made up at the time. 

He launched into a furious rant, where he denied he and Katie Price have split up.

Carl raged that he was on the ‘frontline’ and therefore deserving of recognition.

He began: ‘All of you are full of s**t.’

Panning the camera round to show Katie, he continued: ‘Look, here she is. I’m still at the f**king house. All this, “Oh we want her shot of him”. Why don’t you all just f**k off?’

He went on to argue he was the best guy she’d ever been with and that he ‘supported this woman through everything’.

Carl raged: ‘Because you know something, you wanna know the truth? I’m the best f**king fella she’s ever had. And I’m the one that suffers the s**t, no one else.’

‘So all this, “Oh he’s a bad person, he’s this he’s that, he needs to go…” F**k off everyone because you’re full of s**t. I’m the one that’s on the frontline, I suffer the s**t and I’m the one that helps her, no one else.

‘I support this woman through everything. I’m the one that gets the flack, no one else.

‘So no, we haven’t broke up, I’m still at her house s f**k off with your b******t because you know nothing and you pretend.’

He continued: ‘I’m tired, I’m absolutely tired of being tarnished to be this bad person – and yes I am ranting, because you know what? I’ve suffered months and months and months with it… “Oh she’s unhappy with him, she’s unhappy with him”.

‘I’m the one that’s been made a mug of all the time, no one else, and I suffer and I help so f**k off.’

He then moved the camera to show Harvey and Katie again, before finishing by saying: ‘I deserve some recognition for everything that I do. Nobody sees behind the scenes. I deserve some recognition and I get nothing.’

Katie first sparked split rumours this week when she was pictured without her engagement ring in a family photo where Carl was absent.

The embattled star was seen in her stepdad Paul’s Instagram snap three weeks after coming off social media for ‘personal reasons.’ 

Katie’s engagement to current boyfriend Carl  was briefly called off last year following claims she sent flirty messages to ex Kris Boyson from her daughter Princess’s Instagram profile. 

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