Love Island’s Will brands his fellow islanders as ‘snakes’ after they turn on Jessie

‘Everyone is moving like SNAKES!’ Love Island’s Will fumes as his fellow islanders turn on farmer’s ‘self-aware’ girlfriend Jessie behind her back – while under fire Aussie attempts to make amends with Casey

Love Island’s Will was left ‘livid’ during Tuesday night’s episode after his fellow co-stars turned on his girlfriend Jessie behind her back. 

At the end of the episode the farmer and some of his fellow Islanders were sat catching up on the day beds when they started to run the Australian down. 

Will was left fuming as Olivia admitted that she has said Jessie is playing a game and is ‘very aware of the situations she is it’. 

Will yelled: ‘Everyone is moving like snakes! How is that a minor thing saying someone is fake.’

Olivia replied: ‘I’m just being honest about what we said, I think she is very aware of the situation she is in and little things I’ve seen and I don’t want you to get hurt’.

‘Snakes’: Love Island’s Will was left ‘livid’ during Tuesday night’s episode after his fellow co-stars turned on his girlfriend Jessie behind her back

Seeing red the farmer added: ‘How is saying someone is fake a minor thing. I’m livid. I’m absolutely fuming about this. I’m livid.’ 

Fans were left less than impressed with Olivia as she stirred the pot and agreed with Will for calling the her a snake. 

One wrote: ‘Liv just loved telling Will in-front of everyone that her & Lana were talking about Jessie… knowing fine well that Lana & Will are close and it would hurt him. Not to mention it was mostly her slagging her off. Olivia needs to go.’

Another added: ‘Lmfaoo when will says “everyone’s moving like snakes” and Olivia’s revving up “no no no” erm? Yes yes yes love, chatting behind her back to EVERYONE is mooooving like a snake babe’. 

A third said: ‘What is up with the Jesse hate? She was just standing up for her friends. Also for will and you do that when you care. Olivia jumping on the Jesse fake bandwagon, like she can talk! Not everyone cries when upset. Get Olivia out’. 

‘The way Olivia just dug herself a hole with Will and the others fell in it with her and now are trying to backtrack what they said about Jessie. You know it’s mad when Wills mad,’ a forth penned.

A fifth said: ‘Will is livid.. and of course they brought in the, “Expert on Fake” Olivia.. for some insight’. 

It comes after Jessie pulled Casey for a chat, telling him he didn’t deserve an apology from Will and Tom for sticking up for Claudia in the challenge.

A frustrated Casey couldn’t see why Jessie was getting involved in the situation and told her he ‘didn’t care’ about her opinion.

And speaking about the drama later on in the bedroom when the lights went out, Jessie continued to say her piece to Will. 

She said: ‘I don’t think anyone speaks their true minds in here. Even like how I voiced my feelings towards Casey…’

Getting caught out, Casey overhearing, replied: ‘Get a life Jessie!’

Sticking up for his partner, Will then said: ‘It wasn’t about you Casey! Don’t be a child.’

Taking to Twitter as the episode aired, fans were left shocked by Will’s rebuttal, saying ‘I didn’t know he had it in him!’ 

One fan said: ‘Will trying his best to defend Jessie’

‘If you’ve ever been in a situation when your babes doesn’t like your boy you know how jarring this is for Will. Long day man’, a second said.

Another fan added: ‘I like the assertive side of Will… didn’t think he had it in him’.

Meanwhile, others criticsed his behaviour.

‘You are in a dark room and people are whispering and say your name. How the heck isn’t that personal? Will needs to chill’, a fan said.

Another viewer said: ‘Will and Jessie are surprised that Casey is pissed when his bed is right next to them’. 

Meanwhile, a reported shock Love Island mass dumping is on its way, with host Maya Jama touching down in South Africa earlier on Tuesday.