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Make Business online with FBA Book Arbitrage Software, Zen Arbitrage

If you are looking forward to starting a new venture online, then here is something new for you. The Zen Arbitrage software allows you to earn money by selling books. It allows you to purchase books from Amazon and resell them on Amazon FBA. If you think that the profit here is low, then you are wrong, a number of people have sold a $5 book for $70 with the help of this software. If you are wondering that how can you buy from Amazon and resell on Amazon FBA? Why don’t people buy it at a lower price on the normal Amazon? You can get all the answers below:

Created by Peter Valley, Zen Arbitrage is a software to help you earn better profits by selling books. You can buy a book for $30, add shipping and taxes of $10 and then put it on sale on Amazon FBA for $55, you would make a profit of $15.

The software has a calculator to calculate the price you should purchase it at and the price you should sell it at. There is very little chance that two sellers will be selling the same book. However, if this is the case, then both will end up making a profit.

Take a look at some of the features of Zen Arbitrage:

  1. The software has a grand database of books. It has more than 21 million books of data present.
  2. The FBA automator present in the software suggests offers on the books. There is no estimate going on.
  3. It also has data on past sales and ranking present. Hence you can make the best decisions and know which book has earned good profit and which ones have earned low profits. It minimizes your loss percent to zero.
  4. It offers a 12-month average rank meaning you will know about which books to keep and which ones to remove from your inventory.
  5. It has the largest arbitrage library all across the world to guide you about making the right decision with investments, profits, and sales.
  6. There are monthly webinars held where Peter discusses how to make effective purchases and high profits.
  7. It is a fully web-based product and you don’t have to download and install it.
  8. It doesn’t just guide you about the options to buy books but has a selling platform too. You can buy and sell leads and earn profits other than selling on Amazon FBA.

So, is Zen Arbitrage worth your money?

Well, Zen Arbitrage offers value for your money. It allows you to get amazing opportunities to have a part-time business and earn handsomely. If you have low investment and wish to start a business, then you can go for this.  Its profit program is worthy and crystal clear, without any possibility of loss. There is no hidden cost apart from the cost of the software. It is a worthwhile product and you can rely on this software. So, go ahead and start earning today!