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Married At First Sight’s Sean calls Dean a ‘f**king w**ker’

Sean Thomsen dropped a bombshell early into Tuesday night’s episode of Married At First Sight.

He shocked the other contestants when it was revealed that he and Tracey Jewel, who was originally paired with Dean Wells, were now dating one another. 

But it soon became clear that the boys weren’t about to enjoy an amicable relationship with another when the two faced off in a fiery showdown in which Sean told Dean to ‘f**k off’ and called him a ‘f**king w**ker’.

‘You’re a f**king w**ker!’: Married At First Sight’s Sean Thomsen loses it at rival Dean Wells as they face off over Tracey Jewel

Away from the prying eyes of the other guests at the dinner party, Dean and Sean went head to head over the issue of text messages apparently sent to Tracey.

Sean accused Dean of harassing Tracey with messages, which Dean vehemently denied, insisting that they were still good friends despite their failed ‘marriage’.

When faced with claims that he was being inappropriate, Dean told Sean: ‘You’re off the mark mate. You’re so off the mark, it’s not funny.’

It was a response  Sean clearly didn’t agree with, hitting back with: ‘You’re kidding aren’t ya? You’re taking the piss!’

Doubling down on his remarks that he and his ‘ex-wife’ were good maters, Dean added: ‘Tracey and I have a very respectful relationship.’ 

By this point in the tense exchange, Sean was seething with anger.

‘F*ck off mate. You’re talking f**king shit again!’ he spat at Dean.

‘For once in your f**king life, be honest. Why the f**k were you sending those messages. Tell me the f**king truth!’  

A confused Dean questioned Sean what exactly his problem was, given that he and Tracey were now simply platonic, and insisted there is no bad blood between them.

Sean wasn’t convinced however, and retorted:  ‘You guys aren’t friends. Actually, she despises you.’

The argument finally became too much for an irate Sean and he stormed off back to the dinner party, and not holding back his hatred for Dean, he added: ‘You’re a f**king wanker!’