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German healthcare is one of the best in the world. This is recognized by both experts and patients themselves. Unique medical centers are located throughout the country. The most important fact is that not a single person will be left without medical help. At the same time, municipal clinics and private ones are equipped very well. Municipal hospitals in Germany are well funded and provide a wide range of medical services.

Why is it worth to receive therapy in Germany?

In addition to highly qualified doctors, medicine in Germany is famous for its impeccable technical equipment and excellent medical services. German clinics are equipped with innovative technologies that are constantly being modernized and updated with new products. That is why there is every opportunity to identify diseases at the earliest stages of development. Local surgeons brilliantly perform complex operations in all areas of medicine.

This contributed to the accumulation of experience, which allows you to:

  • Carry out radical treatment even in elderly patients.
  • Reduce the risk of complications after surgery.
  • Make the recovery period shorter.
  • Reduce the severity of side effects after interventions.
  • Achieve maximum aesthetic effect.

How can I get treatment in Germany?

Despite the fact that medical tourism as an industry that has appeared relatively recently, thousands of patients have already used its services. And there are many reasons for this, like world-renowned specialists, medical centers whose technical equipment allows accurate diagnostics to determine the further course of treatment, a high level of service, comfortable rooms and caring medical staff. All these points are the advantages of medical treatment in Germany.

Medical tourism may include rest in resort centers as one of the elements. The term “medical tour” implies a serious, full-fledged treatment abroad, often including surgical intervention. Of course, the organization of such trips is carried out not by the ordinary tour operators, but by special companies, which in their profile and staff are much closer to medicine than to tourism.

For foreigners who want to undergo treatment abroad, it is more convenient to use the help of the medical provider Booking Health. Booking Health will assist in organizational matters, as well as in the selection of clinics and qualified specialists. Thanks to more than a decade of experience in the medical tourism field, you will not need to pay a tax for foreigners which will help you save up to 50 % of the total treatment cost.

What methods of modern diagnostics are used in Germany?

In Germany, comprehensive check-up programs are now actively practiced. Due to this, it is possible to obtain accurate information about the state of health. These diagnostic programs are intended for not only German patients but also for foreigners who need to undergo a full examination.

Treatment in Germany for children and adults begins with consultation and diagnostics. The main examination methods (depending on the disease) are:

  • Genetic diagnosis allows you to establish a hereditary predisposition to certain diseases.
  • Histology, or a tissue biopsy, is performed using the latest reagents to detect changes that are indistinguishable by conventional light microscopy.
  • Ultrasound examination most accurately reveals pathological changes in organs.
  • MRI in many clinics is performed on Tesla devices, it allows to detect tumors, vascular and heart pathologies, changes in other organs and systems.
  • PET-CT is used in cancer research.
  • Scintigraphy is the radionuclide diagnostics used for the early detection of tumors.

Treatment methods and technologies

All surgical and therapeutic procedures performed by German doctors comply with the protocols of the World Health Organization. Medical treatment in Germany is aimed at organ preservation and minimal invasiveness. It is worth saying that it was Germany that has become the country where the first laparoscopic (without incisions) and endoscopic (through natural openings on the body) operations were performed.

Special attention should be paid to the methods of treating diseases:

  • Impact on the body with stem cells allows you to replace or restore damaged organs and tissues, triggers anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating processes.
  • Endoprosthetics is the replacement of joints.
  • FUZ ablation is often used to treat uterine fibroids in gynecology and is based on a focused ultrasound therapy conducted under the control of MRI.
  • Photodynamic therapy is used to treat skin diseases (psoriasis, dermatitis, fungus, borreliosis, and others).
  • Brachytherapy is the latest technology that allows you to bring the radioactive element directly to the tumor.
  • Biological methods for treating cancer with dendritic cells (made from the patient’s blood). Today they are successfully applied along with chemotherapy and radiation. This technique is actively used by specialists from a university hospital located in Munich.
  • The use of exoskeletons (treatment of the spine and musculoskeletal system in general).
  • Operations with the latest surgical systems, including the da Vinci robot (for interventions requiring the greatest accuracy, for example, in neurosurgery or for the removal of prostate cancer), a Gamma knife (used in brain radiosurgery) and many others.
  • Rehabilitation, healing natural properties (mineral springs and mud), physiotherapy, homeopathy are actively used.

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