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Millennials are rewriting ‘Bingo lingo’ in a bid to make the game cool by replacing terms

Snowflakes kill off ‘two fat ladies’ as bingo lingo changes number 88 to ‘Wills and Kate’ to make the game more appealing to millennials

  • Calls have been gaining popularity across online chat rooms with millennials 
  • Classic phrases such as ‘two fat ladies, 88’ have been banned from the game
  • Woke terms which have been implemented include ‘not another Brexit debate’ 

Woke millennials have rewritten bingo terms in order to raise the game to the height of coolness once more by using phrases such as ’38 avocado on a plate’ and ’68 late for my Tinder date’.

The generation has also coined terms such as ‘nine get an Uber from mine’, instead of ‘Doctors orders’ and has also banned ‘two fat ladies’ for number 88 and replaced it with ‘Wills and Kate’. 

The new calls are gaining such popularity they threaten to take over from time-honoured favourites. 

Foxy Bingo is now considering redesigning its game later this year in line with the millennial phrases, which first started appearing in online chatrooms. 

The new calls will include terms like ’52 brunch for two’ and ‘7 flexitarian’ as millennials try and make the game cool 

With millennials becoming increasingly keen on the game, traditional bingo callers may have to get used to shouting out things such as ’86, Instagram pics’. 

Others include ’48, Not another Brexit debate’, ’74, recycle more’. 

Modern food references also feature ’52, brunch for two’ and ‘seven, flexitarian’. 

Foxy Bingo has now pulled together a top 20 new calls being demanded by younger players. 

Millennials have also banned 'two fat ladies' for number 88 and replaced it with 'Wills and Kate' (Prince William and Kate Middleton, pictured above)

Millennials have also banned ‘two fat ladies’ for number 88 and replaced it with ‘Wills and Kate’ (Prince William and Kate Middleton, pictured above)

Jonathan Bowden, Director of Foxy Brands, said the firm is already looking at revamping its own game to reflect the changing times and to incorporate the millennials’ language. 

Mr Bowden said: ‘We’re seeing a record number of younger players visiting the site to play bingo and the new wave of bingo calls is really switching things up.

‘These players are getting so creative with their bingo calls that I’m sure it won’t be long before #Megxit is being used.’

Top 20 new calls voted by Foxy Bingo players

• 48, Not another Brexit debate 

• 74, Recycle more 

• 15, Yas Qween 

• 25, Quarter life crisis 

• 39, Love Island time 

• 49, Amazon Prime 

• 53, Here’s the tea

• 78, Haters gon’ hate 

• 86, Instagram pics 

• 14, Netflix & Chill 

• 32, Fake news 

• 35, It’s a vibe 

• 38, Avocado on a plate 

• 54, Lads on tour 

• 68, Late for my Tinder date 

• 88, Wills and Kate 

• 52, Brunch for two 

• 83, Gluten free 

• 7, Flexitarian 

• 9, Get an Uber from mine

Top 20 Original Bingo calls

• 48, Four Dozen

• 74, Candy store 

• 15, Young & Keen 

• 25, Duck & Dive 

• 39, Steps 

• 49, PC 

• 53, Stuck in the tree 

• 78, Heaven’s gate 

• 86, Between the sticks 

• 14, Valentine’s Day 

• 32, Buckle my shoe 

• 35, Jump and jive 

• 38, Christmas cake 

• 54, Clean the floor 

• 68, Pick a Mate 

• 88, Two fat ladies 

• 52, Danny La Rue 

• 83, Time for tea 

• 7, Lucky seven 

• 9, Doctors Orders



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