Moving checklist for what to do after you move

Once you’ve moved to the new house, setting and organizing things can be overwhelming.

But if you have a structure and a plan in place, you can make this experience easy and smooth.

Therefore to make this journey smooth sailing for you, we’ve prepared a moving checklist for you to make things organized and swift so you miss nothing.

Keep on reading to know more…

  •  Get your utilities up and running

Since you’re moving to a new house, you must have all the utilities back into place. If they are being shut off for a long time, you need to call the power company, the water utilities, and gas providers to renew the services.

In case the services are still on, take the necessary steps to transfer it to your name.

  • Clean your new space before you unpack

Whether it be a brand new house or old apartment, to get the ultimate feeling of your new house you should give it a thorough cleanup.

If possible, clean everything and make it look new as possible.

  • Unpack the essentials

We know you’ll have a lot of boxes to unpack. But don’t unpack them all at once. Always work with a strategy. Ask yourself what you need to unpack first to live functionally in the new house. Whether you need your office essential or you need your kitchen essentials, decide first, and then start from there.

Remember, the rule of thumb is to get organized first.

  • Arrange the furniture

The best part of moving to a new home is that you can start over with the floor plans and give your new home a unique space and look that works for you.

You can take help from various online tools that will help you make better furniture arrangements–in case you’re not sure how to fit everything well.

  • Locate all the important buttons and switches

The next point on the moving checklist is to familiarise with all the power buttons, the furnace, the gas and/or oil, the heater in case there is an emergency ever.

Safety concerns should be your top priority, in case of any emergency. Also, make a list of all the emergency numbers and fire departments to be on the safer side.

Install a home security system

New home- new area! You don’t know your neighbors yet, and you don’t know what their intentions are.

To induce comfort and safety, install a good home security system. We can assure you, this step will bring you peace of mind and you can take your time to learn your surroundings.

  • Update your address

This process is simple and doesn’t include much hassle. You can either do it online or visit in person.

In case you have a business and need to receive important letters and payments, you need to contact government agencies to change your address that will impact your business registration and tax return.

  • Get a new license and register your car

Well, in case you’re moving to a new town, registering your car is enough. But in case you’re moving to a new state, you need to get a new license. For this, you will need to provide your identification and proof of residency to proceed with the applications.

Different states have different rules and you must do your research beforehand, to take care of all these requirements in the best way.

  • Update your voter registration

This is an important and crucial step and you need to take care of this step at the same time you register your car.

It’s easy and you can do it, either by visiting the town office or even registering yourself online.

  • Transfer medical recordings

The next point on the moving checklist is to find a new primary care provider and transfer them to all your medical records. Hopefully, you won’t need it, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

According to the rules, the old medical providers need at least a month to process the papers and make all the transfer arrangements. Be proactive and check the progress frequently.

  • File an insurance claim

In case you have hired a removalist company and you find your items damaged or missing, claim your damage insurance within 30 days to get the matter resolved as early as possible.

 Enjoy your new home

Once you have taken care of the moving checklist, you need to enjoy your new home. New city; new opportunities!

Go out and explore your town and take full advantage of your beautiful new home.