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Mum shocked after her three kids ‘decorate’ her white wall with pen

Mum amused after her three kids ‘decorate’ her white wall with a VERY elaborate ‘artwork’ – before being slammed by critics who say the kids ‘should know better’

  • A mum’s asked for advice after her three children decorated a wall with crayon
  • The mum’s three children aged eight, four and one drew on a hallway wall
  • Opinions were divided with many people suggesting the mum paint over the art

A mother has been left shocked after her three children took it upon themselves to decorate the walls with pen and crayon.

Despite admittedly finding the ‘art-bombing’ amusing at first the woman soon grew concerned after realising getting the crayon off her walls might be a difficult task.

‘My children are a@#$%$@#$!! Best way to get crayon off the walls? Everything seems to just keep smudging it,’ she wrote alongside a picture of the art.

A mother has been left shocked after her three children took it upon themselves to decorate the walls with pen and crayon 

But she was quickly forced to defend her children who are aged eight, four and one from mothers who said they should know better. 

‘I love my kids and I have multiple chuckles every time I walk past their masterpiece, I’m not actually THAT mad,’ she wrote.

Before adding: ‘I didn’t ask for parenting advice or how my eight-year-old should have known better. If you don’t have anything constructive to say, don’t say it.’


What would you do?

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  • Clean it with Gumption 0 votes
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More than a thousand parents left comments on the post with many offering helpful advice.

‘I got crayon off our walls yesterday with a magic eraser. Takes a little bit of elbow grease and a little bit if water but did the job,’ one mum said.

‘Painting would be easier in my opinion. I have personally cleaned the walls using gumption,’ added another.  

Others also chose to see the bright side.

‘It could have been worse, it could have been s**t,’ one mum said.

‘I would buy a frame and call it artwork,’ said another. 

The mum also took time to clarify some concerns from ‘negative Nancys’ commenting on the post.

‘Just to clear up a common misconception, we do own our home, so no the landlord won’t be pissed,’ she explained.

Adding the family are also  in the middle of renovating and re-painting the whole house which is one of the reasons she isn’t too worried about the huge drawing. 

Some people said the mum should include an art area in the renovations.

 ‘Paint a blackboard section for them then when they leave home in 20 years paint over,’ one dad suggested.

‘Looks like they want an art wall! We did this once my girls drew on the wall, literally just declared that one wall as art space. It was a much loved feature of our home, and I was actually sad to remove it when they were teens,’ said another.