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NBC threatened to smear Ronan Farrow if he kept reporting on Harvey Weinstein, sources claim 

BREAKING NEWS: NBC ‘threatened to smear Ronan Farrow’ if he kept pursuing Harvey Weinstein, sources claim as producer accuses network of impeding reporting of the disgraced Hollywood mogul

One of NBC’s top lawyers allegedly threatened to smear Ronan Farrow if he continued to write about disgraced Harvey Weinstein.

Sources have claimed NBC News general counsel Susan Weiner called to threaten Farrow after he left the network.

It comes the producer who worked with Farrow on the Weinstein investigation at NBC News, Rich McHugh claims the network tried to put a stop to the reporting on Weinstein, The New York Times reports.

Ronan Farrow is pictured here in New York in April this year

McHugh, 43, quit this month and has become the first person affiliated with NBC to say publicly that the network impeded his and Farrow’s attempts to out the disgraced Hollywood mogul.

According to the Times, he called the way the network handled it: ‘a massive breach of journalistic integrity’. 

When Farrow left NBC News last year, he took the Harvey Weinstein story with him, and he later went on to win a Pulitzer Prize for his stories which have played a key role in the MeToo movement.

The initial article about Weinstein ran in The New Yorker in October.

People in the industry questioned why NBC had missed out on running such an big story, but it claimed the expose wasn’t ready to run online

Harvey Weinstein leaves court on July 9, 2018 in New York City

Harvey Weinstein leaves court on July 9, 2018 in New York City



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