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NYC cardiology care: entrust your heart health to competent cardiologists

Cardiovascular disease is the main death cause worldwide and particularly in the US. Due to impactful conditions that negatively influence heart function and structure, people struggle with such diseases as stroke, vascular disease (blood vessel disease), cardiomyopathy, abnormal heart rhythms, arrhythmias, etc. Thus, when it comes to our health, it will be an unwise decision to postpone your routine health appointment with cardiologists who offer NYC cardiology care services. For patients with heart issues diagnosis, there is a reliable medical solution for treating most forms of illness.

Warning signs of cardiovascular disease

If you are experiencing chest discomfort, tightness, pain, shortness of breath, numbness, puffy legs or feet, weakness or coldness in your arms, irregular heartbeat, heart palpitations — all these are symptoms of an unhealthy heart that warn you – it’s time to consider visiting the best cardiologist in Queens, NY. Otherwise, ignoring your health needs can lead to irreversible harmful consequences.

Major risks factors causing heart diseases

  • Increasing age. Men over 55 years old and women over 65 years old are more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases.
  • Gender. The risk in men is higher than in women, with age the differences decrease; for women, the disease possibility is greater during menopause.
  • Heredity. Some of your relatives’ illness indicates a higher likelihood of developing similar diseases in you, as genetic factors play a huge role, passing risks of disorders to the next generations.

Those are the risks category that a patient cannot change, treat, or control. But there are unhealthy lifestyle choices impacting and worsening your health known as modifiable influencers including:

  • too much of a fatty substance in your blood (cholesterol);
  • sedentary lifestyles and lack of physical activity;
  • overweight and an excessive amount of body fat;
  • alcohol and tobacco consumption;
  • too high level of stress;
  • hypertension.

Specialists who offer their help advice patience reconsidering their bad habits and get rid of them before it’s too late, helping NYC cardiology experts to improve your life. The medical research proves: to reduce the odds of obtaining heart disease, a patient needs to completely eliminate tobacco and alcohol from their daily life, reduce salt intake, consume more fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly. Moreover, lowering cardiovascular risk is possible through the curing of diabetes, high blood lipids, and high blood pressure.

Two key medical treatment strategies offered by NYC cardiology physicians

Most forms of heart disease are easily treatable today. The first line of treatment is medications use. In case the situation is worsening, the surgery solutions are available to deal with the issues. So, what should you do if you suspect heart disease? When hard times come, be ready to start your therapy with trustworthy NYC cardiology care services. Contact Advanced Medical Care – an established medical practice that serves the community over 15 years, saving lives and taking care of every single patient. Qualified and experienced medical staff together with certified cardiologists possess the latest treatment information in cardiovascular procedures. They strive to ensure the highest level of NYC cardiology care for their patients, a full range of cardiovascular diagnostic testing, and the best possible medical solution for everyone who is in need.