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Obama and Clinton aide Jennifer Palmieri gets book deal

  • Jennifer Palmieri, former Hillary Clinton aide has written a book on her time in politics under Clinton as well as during her years in the Obama administration
  • Palmieri says it will focus on women in leadership as well as advice to females
  • She will also make clear that she believes Hillary’s ultimatley failed candidacy proves how there is still a struggle for people to envision a woman president

Hillary Clinton’s former director of communications has her own story to tell, so she’s releasing a tome on her tale, which will focus on women in leadership. 

Jennifer Palmieri is working on a ‘book of lessons’ for future women leaders, titled ‘Dear Madam President,’ an ‘open letter.’ 

The book draws upon Palmieri’s experience in politics, including her time with Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and her years as communications director during the Obama administration.

Dear Madam President: Jennifer Palmieri (pictured) scored a book deal about her time under Hillary Clinton, which will also be about female empowerment 

Palmieri believes that Clinton's failed campaign shows we still struggle to envision a woman as president 

Palmieri believes that Clinton’s failed campaign shows we still struggle to envision a woman as president 

”Dear Madam President’ empowers and emboldens women to reach for the top rung in any situation, using informative insider stories and invaluable takeaways from years of working at the highest levels of power,’ according to the publisher. 

‘As she makes clear in this book, Palmieri believes Clinton’s candidacy revealed how, despite all the gains women have made, we still struggle to envision a woman as president.’

‘She argues in the book that Clinton’s example served to blaze a trail that will help us all reimagine women in leadership roles.’

Palmieri said in a statement that she wanted to ‘provide all women with advice and lessons learned the hard way to help them lead in their communities, flourish in the workplace, and literally run the world.’

Palmieri was represented by Javelin, a literary agency that has recently negotiated deals for former FBI director James Comey and former Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile.

Grand Central plans to release ‘Dear Madam President’ on March 27. 


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