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Storm Caroline will Britain from TONIGHT bringing chaos

Warnings of travel chaos, 90mph winds and ‘flying debris’ as Storm Caroline batters Britain with f  Storm Caroline will hit Britain bringing winds ... read more

Anne Hathaway and hubby stroll in New York

She recently bought a multi-million-dollar home in Westport, Connecticut. But on Wednesday, Anne Hathaway was enjoying metropolitan life in New York City, strol... read more

Two koalas ride German shepherd in 1930s Brisbane footage

Historical footage from Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary shows koalas on a dog’s back Two of the cuddly animals ride the dog in the video taken in the late 1930s... read more

Quentin Letts sees Theresa face Tory Brexiteers at PMQs 

She was greeted with the usual cheers from Government sycophants when she entered the Chamber at 11.57am but during Prime Minister’s Questions a few minutes l... read more

Australia’s east coast to be swarmed with killer sharks

Prepare for an increase in shark activity along Australia’s east coast this summer As water heat continues to rise our waters become more attractive exper... read more

Kristie Miller ‘DIED’ on the table giving birth to twins

A 38-year-old mother has opened up about the terrifying moment she ‘died’ on the table after giving birth to her twins at 29 weeks. Kristie Miller, ... read more

4/5 Grenfell families may spend Christmas in housing limbo

Four out of five families who lost their homes in the Grenfell Tower blaze may have to spend Christmas in temporary accommodation, it has been revealed. More th... read more

Wolf whistling branded hate crime in Nottinghamshire trial

Nottinghamshire Police introduced trial which recorded incidents as hate crimes If adopted offenders could be treated more harshly if they were misogynistic Po... read more

Bath Spa University chief paid £808k in final year in job

The severance payment to Christina Slade by Bath Spa University is thought to be the highest made to any UK vice-chancellor One of the country’s smallest ... read more

Survey reveals honest reactions to Christmas gifts

We all know that feeling when the thrill of unwrapping a present gives way to disappointment when we see what it is. But most of us are tactful enough to find a... read more

EU warns UK government could fall NEXT WEEK

The EU leadership is worried Theresa May’s government could be toppled if she fails to make a breakthrough in Brexit talks by next week.  EU Commission ... read more

WA father jailed for raping 2 daughters for over a decade

Father, 64, jailed for ‘ruthless’ abuse of his two daughters for over a decade Western Australia court heard sisters were aged eight and 12 when abu... read more

Philip Hammond banned from MoD jets over unpaid bills

The Defence Secretary escalated a row with the Chancellor last night as he declared ministers who do not pay for VIP trips on RAF jets ‘don’t get to use the... read more

Husband jailed for 25 years for stabbing wife to death

A Sydney man has been jailed for at least 19 years for the murder of his wife, who he claimed had killed herself by jumping on a knife. In June a jury found Gav... read more

Casey Donovan jokes about romance with Matty J on Cram!

She’s the I’m A Celebrity jungle queen whose single status was made known when her Tinder profile pictures were leaked earlier this year. And Casey ... read more

The world’s most luxurious wellness retreats 2018 revealed

The moment January rolls around, men and women across the country are still suffering from the side effects of one too many holiday season indulgences.  But in... read more

Warning over flour in cake mix after it led to E.coli 

It is a treat that many children enjoy while baking with their parents. But licking the mixing bowl may not be safe after all, according to food safety regulato... read more

Chris Hughes packs on PDA with girlfriend Olivia Attwood

Their relationship appeared to hit a huge bump of late, after he was seen in video footage of him wrapping his arms around and appearing to ‘kiss’ a... read more

Baby formula boom sees woman make $4k off Chinese shipment

A Chinese woman who sends shipments of baby formula back to her homeland says the practice is ‘good for Australia’, despite it leaving supermarket s... read more

Why morning sickness IS the sign of a healthy baby

It has long been dismissed as an old wives’ tale that morning sickness signals a healthy pregnancy. But experts now say it is probably true – giving encoura... read more

Florida man, 37, sentenced to 15 YEARS for hate crime

Michael Wolfe, 37, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to criminal mischief and sentenced to 15 years in prison (Pictured: January 2016) A man who vandalized a Florida mo... read more

CRAIG BROWN predicts next year’s news today (part 2) 

JULY: Halfway through the 3,745th round of Brexit talks, officials discover that both sides have fallen asleep around the table. ‘This is a cause for very rea... read more

Alzheimer’s falls 11% for every year spent in education

Education reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, a major study has concluded. Researchers from Cambridge University found that the longer someon... read more

Celebrity deceptive diets experts warn dangerous food fads

Diet: Raw vegan Regime: Gwyneth Paltrow champions a raw vegan diet What it is: There are many versions but the premise is the same – go vegan and eat raw. Pro... read more