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Woman freaks out as she removes lizard from bathroom

Video shows woman using butterfly net and broom to remove lizard from home   The pesky reptile had wandered into the woman’s bathroom & refused to le... read more

Homegrown offers chance to invest in property development

A new crowdfunding platform is allowing retail investors the chance to back residential property developments by investing as little as £500. The start-up, cal... read more

Female Uber driver shot after picking up two passengers

The driver was driving westbound along the Interstate 380 in San Bruno  She crashed her Toyota Camry after being shot in the neck   The two passengers were n... read more

Anne Frank’s diary to be read at Italian soccer matches

Lazio and Roma fans are bitter rivals but clubs share Rome’s Olympic Stadium   On Sunday Roma fans plastered stickers of Anne Frank in a Roma shirt aroun... read more

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus in-depth preview

Killing Nazis has been a favourite pass-time of gamers over generations, but what if you had to do so not as a soldier, but as a rebel. This is an idea that Wol... read more

Charity worker tried to meet boy, 15 for sex

A charity worker told police he was ‘bloody guilty’ as he was filmed by paedophile hunters attempting to meet a young boy for sex. David Walker-Shea... read more

Incredible images of Harry Houdini emerge on anniversary

These incredible images of Harry Houdini performing a series of death-defying stunts have emerged on the anniversary of his final stage performance. Houdini wa... read more

US professor gives evidence in baby murder trial

An American professor has told a murder trial how an adopted baby had a vitamin deficiency which can make bones brittle. Professor Michael Holick, a professor o... read more

Images reveal DISASTROUS DIY wedding decorations

For most people, a wedding day is the most highly anticipated day of their lives, with countless hours of deliberation and sweat poured into creating the most u... read more

North Korea could wipe out 90 per cent of US population

US sustains 320m population because of technology, Peter Vincent Pry says High frequency EMP attack could cause damage to a wide range of electronics EMP warhea... read more

DJ Khaled gifts one-year-old son $100K Swiss watch

After Snapchatting his son’s delivery, DJ Khaled had to plan something extravagant for the tyke’s first birthday. The 41-year-old threw little Asahd... read more

People in debt could be given a six-weeks grace period

People in serious debt could be given a six-week grace period where they are not charged interest, penalty fees or threatened by enforcement action in order to ... read more

German far-right sparks outcry with Nazi comments

Germany’s far-right has sparked outrage in its parliament debut after one of its new MPs compared the party’s treatment to a victim of notorious Naz... read more

Mexican cartels dominate US drug market: DEA

Mexican cartels are by far the biggest source of illegal drugs flooding the US market, the Drug Enforcement Agency said on Monday. In its annual report on drug ... read more

Are you snoozing your way towards being SINGLE?

Sharing a bed with a partner is an opportunity to be extremely intimate – but it can also spark plenty of arguments. While one half of a couple might stru... read more

Australian troops train soldiers in Philippines for ISIS

Defence Minister Marise Payne has sent 80 troops to the Philippines They will train Filippino soldiers in the art of house-to-house combat The RAAF stepped in d... read more

Peter Lyndon-James wins council seat with criminal story

Peter Lyndon-James was thrown in prison when he was nine and by the age of 30 was selling $40,000 worth of meth a day. But this weekend he won a resounding loca... read more

Queen introduced to Household Cavalry’s new drum horse

The Queen found herself being bowed to by a horse today on a visit to the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment. Carrying out her first joint engagement of the aut... read more

Boy, 8, with cerebral palsy gets Wheel of Fortune costume

A boy with cerebral palsy got a ‘Wheel of Fortune’-themed Halloween costume this year. Anthony Alfano, eight, watches the game show every night with... read more

Wildfire-ravaged California faces dangerous temperatures

Temperatures are predicted to reach 105F in wildfire-ravaged California as the Dodgers and Astros prepare for what may be the hottest start to the World Series ... read more

US troops in Niger were ambushed by 50 terrorists

The four American special forces killed fighting in Niger were ambushed by 50 ISIS terrorists after they were stalled by a village elder during a last minute ex... read more

Trump reopens America’s doors to refugees everywhere

The Trump administration is ending its refugee ban today and opening the nation’s doors to people fleeing violence from every country in the world. That i... read more

Bernie Sanders supporter sues DNC and Hillary Clinton

A Bernie Sanders campaign organizer and long-time Democrat has filed a lawsuit today accusing the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton of fra... read more

Tamara and Sophia Ecclestone enjoy beach day in Dubai

She is the apple of her parents eye and a constant presence on her mother’s social media. And Tamara Ecclestone’s three-year-old daughter Sophia st... read more