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Indiana couple pose daughter in photo honoring late son

An Indiana couple welcomed their newborn baby girl with a beautiful gesture to remind her of the older brother she never got to meet, and keep their family toge... read more

$299 Embr Wave claims to cool you down or warm you up

From a sweltering rush hour subway car to the unbearable chill of the office air conditioner, we often find ourselves in settings that are just too hot or too c... read more

Somerset school uses standing desks to beat obesity

A primary school has introduced standing desks costing £160 each in a bid to boost pupils’ learning and health.  The school – Kewstoke Primary, ne... read more

Man ‘strangled wife after she filed for divorce’

A Minneapolis, Minnesota man returned home from a three-week vacation on Monday to find his wife had filed for divorce – so he murdered her, authorities s... read more

Berkshire pensioner: killed burglar ‘came here to kill us’

Reuben Gregory, pictured outside Slough Magistrates Court, admitted possession of a firearm without a licence A pensioner who shot dead a burglar armed with a m... read more

Lyle Menendez has not spoken to brother Erik in 17 years

Megyn Kelly scored an interview with one of America’s most famous murderers on Wednesday, speaking with Lyle Menendez on her NBC morning show, Megyn Kelly... read more

Grenfell Tower Fire: 18 children died in London inferno

At least 18 children died in the Grenfell Tower fire, the latest inquests have revealed. The most recent victims to be identified include two sisters, two three... read more

Charli Howard says her ‘too big’ hips helped her career

Charli Howard has gone from a starving model to a woman who loves her curves and the shape of her hips, but she has admitted that she once thought she would det... read more

Stranger Things season two promises new monsters

He may have barely escaped the Upside Down alive. But it looks like Will Byer’s troubles with the mysterious dimension are not exactly over, according to ... read more

Illegal immigration costs taxpayers $135billion a year

Illegal immigration is costing taxpayers a whopping $135billion a year according to a new report. The price per alien has ballooned by about $3billion in four y... read more

Teen stabbed to death with a knife at New York school 

One teenager has died and another has been seriously injured after they were stabbed with a knife in the middle of a history class at a New York high school. Th... read more

Escambla County boy chokes to death on meatball at school

A four-year-old special needs child tragically died five days after he choked on a meatball at school. Lindsay Hall said her son Audi Anderson was on a ventilat... read more

Kayaker saves man left clinging to a rock in Wales

Footage shows kayaker navigating choppy waters with friends before capsizing He is seen forced underwater before managing to cling to a rock to save himself Ano... read more

Alzheimer’s patients reveal their most cherished memories

Alzheimer’s patients alternate between laughter and tears as they reveal their favorite, saddest and earliest memories in this heartbreaking video. They s... read more

Cardiff ice cream parlour’s sundae has 3,800 calories

If you’ve ever felt guilty after tucking into a deliciously indulgent dessert, it’s nothing compared to how you might feel after eating the most cal... read more

Amazon slashes price of new Echo speaker to $100

Amazon says it is cutting the price of its Echo smart speaker to $100 from $180, improving the sound quality and upgrading its appearance with six new ‘sh... read more

Texas man was at top of al Qaeda but wanted American TV

An American citizen rose to near the top of al Qaeda and tried to massacre his fellow countrymen in Afghanistan – but plaintively asked for TV shows from ... read more

Usain Bolt and girlfriend Kasi Bennett at Oktoberfest

He’s a star athlete, enjoying the luxury of retirement. And Usain Bolt was certainly seen to be having fun as he joined in with the festivities at Germa... read more

Meghan McCain goes after Trump for physically mocking dad

Meghan McCain is sticking up for her father, as Axios reported Wednesday that President Trump has been physically mocking Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., in private,... read more

Man builds personal lift straight to his fifth floor flat

A man in China built himself a lift that went straight to his home on fifth floor His father-in-law said the man felt tired of walking up the stairs to the top ... read more

Greenwith woman fights meningococcal after husband killed

A woman who lost her husband to meningococcal just 10 weeks ago is now fighting for her life in hospital after being struck down by the same disease.  Gillian ... read more

Brisbane priest spat at in the street over gay marriage

A priest claims he was spat at and called a ‘f**king no voter’ while walking in the street just because he was wearing his collar. Father Morgan Batt said h... read more

Gwyneth Paltrow looks smart in ruffled blouse for meeting

They’ve been quietly dating for three years after first being linked in 2014. But it was all about business for Gwyneth Paltrow and her boyfriend Brad Fa... read more

Nasa’s Osiris-Rex captures a stunning image of Earth

Last week, Nasa’s asteroid-chasing spacecraft, Osiris-Rex, swung past Earth on its way to a space rock. The spacecraft, which is on a path towards the ast... read more