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UK gives Sir John Franklin shipwrecks to Canada

The UK Government is giving the shipwrecks from Rear-Admiral Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated expedition in search of the Northwest Passage to Canada. Defenc... read more

Former Melbourne Storm star said he would bury girlfriend

A former professional footballer told his girlfriend he would bury her alive before she leaped from a car travelling at 100km/h, a court has heard. Russell Webb... read more

Massachusetts machete dog attack suspect apprehended

A suspect with face tattoos who was wanted in a random machete attack on a dog has been apprehended after a month on the run. Thomas G. Vargus, 45, was arrested... read more

Davina Smith struggles with getting her baby to sleep

Davina Smith has never been shy about revealing the less Instagram-worthy moments of motherhood. And the Channel Nine news presenter did just that on Monday, pe... read more

Birds help others with parenting if they anticipate favor

Birds will sometimes care for the offspring of other birds of their own species – if they anticipate future benefits.  A researcher has found that being... read more

Kids take just 49mins to ask ‘are we there yet?’ on planes

‘Are we nearly there yet?’ It’s a question that most parents dread – and according to new research, it takes less than one hour for chi... read more

QUENTIN LETTS: Theresa May in fine fettle over Brexit

Theresa May sounded markedly more Eurosceptic and looked far happier than she has done in recent weeks as she spoke about Brexit in the Commons on Monday She so... read more

Rising sea levels could bring 50ft floods to NYC by 2300

Rising sea levels coupled with powerful future storms could one day pose major risks to New York City, a new study warns, with potential to leave parts submerg... read more

Sydney couple uses car burnout for gender reveal party

The typical gender reveal celebration of cutting a cake or opening a box of balloons seems to be from a bygone era.  Now, many expecting couples are opting for... read more

Jesinta Campbell and ‘Buddy’ Franklin romantic getaway

By Kara Byers For Daily Mail Australia Published: 23:52 BST, 23 October 2017 | Updated: 23:52 BST, 23 October 2017 She’s the sought-after model who recent... read more

Melania participates in an anti-bullying event

First lady Melania Trump voyaged to the Detroit suburbs Monday to speak to middle school students and participate in a ‘No One Eats Alone’ anti-bul... read more

Utah school runner carries injured teammate across finish

There is certainly no ‘I’ in ‘team’ and for one track athlete that meant sacrificing his own chance at victory to help out a partner. At... read more

Fox fires John Huddy, brother of O’Reilly accuser Juliet

Just hours after Juliet Huddy appeared on the Today Show Monday morning to talk about a sexual harassment claim against Bill O’Reilly, her brother John Hu... read more

New York AG investigates Weinstein Company: media

By Afp Published: 23:42 BST, 23 October 2017 | Updated: 23:42 BST, 23 October 2017 Harvey Weinstein has so far denied all allegations of forcing himself on his ... read more

Photographer puts pennywise in sister’s engagement photos

With the latest version of It hitting screens across the country, there will be more and more people feeling wary about scary clowns popping out in unexpected p... read more

McCain says he doesn’t consider Trump a ‘draft dodger’

Republican Sen. John McCain left no doubt Monday that he was thinking of President Donald Trump as he criticized the draft system during Vietnam for forcing low... read more

Michigan teens charged with murder of Kenneth White

Ken White, a 32-year-old father-of-four, was killed after a six-pound rock thrown from an overpass smashed through his windshield and struck him on Interstate 7... read more

Shrews’ skulls shrink by 20% in the winter

For shrews, making it through a cold winter when food is scarce is no mean feat. And a new study reveals the drastic measure that the tiny mammals must go to to... read more

Clair Marie wanted to be a base jumper at age eight

A fearless female base jumper is taking the sport to new heights in a thrilling video that shows the moment she soars through the air at speeds of up to 120 mil... read more

Katy Perry needs Vatican approval to move into new mansion

A judge has ruled in Katy Perry’s favor following a two-year long legal battle between the singer, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and a group of Californ... read more

Jaime Pressly welcomes twin boys Leo and Lenon

Jaime Pressly has welcomed twin boys into the world with beau Hamzi Hijazi. The actress, 40, announced the birth of her little guys with a sweet Instagram port... read more

Hackers steal photos from Katie Price’s surgery clinic

Hackers have successfully broken into a celebrity London-based plastic surgery clinic, whose clients include Katie Price and even members of royal families. Lon... read more

Doctors perform 10-HOUR ‘toe to hand transfer’ on boy, 10

For two years, Virendra Singh, 10, lived a very limited life after losing his hands Doctors at the Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi have restored his right hand Usi... read more

Old, injured Neanderthal survived with help from friends

An older Neanderthal from 50,000 years ago who was deaf and had suffered multiple injuries relied on the help of others to live well into his 40’s. The re... read more