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Justin Bieber and female pal hang poolside in Mexico

Justin Bieber showed off his sprawl of tattoos while hanging out poolside Friday. On holiday in Los Cabos, the shirtless 23-year-old was photographed raising a ... read more

Carolina Panthers fan who punched old man is arrested

Kyle Adam Maraghy, 26, was arrested and charged with simple assault on Friday after he was allegedly at the center of a fight that broke out on Thursday night ... read more

2 South Dakota women share their stories of harassment, rape

By Associated Press Published: 01:19 BST, 14 October 2017 | Updated: 02:19 BST, 14 October 2017 PIERRE, S.D. (AP) – A former South Dakota state senator, i... read more

Dustin Martin and Dane Swan attend Texas music festival

Dustin Martin’s premiership celebrations have now become a world tour, with the superstar midfielder partying at a music festival in the United States. Ma... read more

10,000 drug drivers banned from roads in under three years

More than 10,000 drivers have been banned from the road for taking drugs since March 2015 – including seven teenagers too young to hold a full licence. At lea... read more

Sociologists claim bondage is just like playing golf

It is rather more daring than going to the local golf club at the weekend. But with Fifty Shades of Grey having gone mainstream, experts say a spot of spanking ... read more

Harvey Weinstein scandal shames actresses who kept quiet

The chorus of disgust over Harvey Weinstein’s lascivious and predatory behaviour is deafening. Hollywood’s greatest stars, and many of its minor ones, are f... read more

Cathy Newman and a sexism row over her £19.99 Zara heels 

Cathy Newman, 43, said that her footwear came from the high street fashion retailer Zara. She is pictured in another pair of heels The boss of Channel 4 told ne... read more

Third of public payphones don’t work properly, BT admits

A third of public payphones are not in full working order, BT has admitted. The telecoms giant, which made a pre-tax profit of £418million in the three months ... read more

Could you have been a Bletchley Park codebreaker?

Not everyone who worked at Britain’s wartime codebreaking centre was a genius on the level of mathematician Alan Turing, who invented the machine that cracked... read more

Pictured: Woman officer accused of having sex on board sub

The identity of a female officer accused of having sex on board a nuclear-armed submarine has been revealed.  HMS Vigilant was submerged in the North Atlantic ... read more

Wildebeest avoids being eaten by crocodile in Tanzania

Talk about a leap of faith – these phenomenal images show how a very lucky wildebeest nearly became lunch for a hungry crocodile. But despite coming terr... read more

These six people all died after being hit by cyclists

Sleep doesn’t come easily to Marilyn Taylor and when she does finally drift off, she is invariably jolted awake by a recurring nightmare. It starts with a dea... read more

False claims of police chief obsessed with Ted Heath

Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police Mike Veale Wearing a freshly pressed shirt and what appeared to be a light dusting of make-up, police chief Mike Veale decid... read more

Philip Hammond and George Osborne’s Brexit lobster lunch

Philip Hammond and George Osborne were last night accused of plotting to thwart Brexit over a lobster lunch. The pair were spotted at a Chelsea restaurant befor... read more

Roxy Jacenko’s glad husband Oliver Curtis is out of jail

She made headlines this week after confirming that she enjoyed a fling with her now-ex Nabil Gazal, while husband Oliver Curtis was in jail.  And on Saturday, ... read more

Iran thought to be behind cyber-attack on parliament

Theresa May was among those whose email accounts were targeted in a massive cyber-attack on Parliament Iran was last night reported to be responsible for a mass... read more

Luxembourg royals fight over money in London divorce court

A member of a European royal family is embroiled in a fight over money with his estranged wife in a London divorce court. Prince Louis of Luxembourg separated f... read more

Mission Beach: Family mourn death of skydiving instructor

Peter Dawson, pictured, couldn’t resist jumping – his brother Rob explained in heart breaking tribute following the skydiver’s death in Queens... read more

Government asks parents not to tell kids they’re clever

Parents should stop praising their children’s talents because it could stunt success, the Government’s ‘nudge unit’ has said. Telling yo... read more

QUENTIN LETTS: Dawn French is a giant of a star at 60

She could devour Curly-Wurlies like a giraffe chomping tussocks. Be so incautious as to leave her within range of an open tin of Quality Street, and Dawn would ... read more

Martine McCutcheon opens up about the horrors she faced

Martine McCutcheon has discussed the horrors of watching her mum and dad’s dysfunctional relationship as a child. The Loose Women star revealed to The Gua... read more

London man who beat son detained in mental hospital

Bidhya Sagar Das, a cannabis user, killed 16-month-old Gabriel Sonu Bibekas A drug addict has been locked up indefinitely for bludgeoning his son to death with ... read more

BBC radio host quits over Marine A impartiality row

Richard Spendlove, a BBC presenter, has accused the corporation of ‘throwing him to the lions’ A veteran radio host has quit the BBC after it ruled ... read more