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Leicester pharmacist tried to groom children to join ISIS

An Islamic teacher is alleged to have told two boys to kill people who spoke out against Islam and prepared them for jihad by teaching them to throw butter kniv... read more

Seesaw US-China ties on an upswing as Trump plans trip

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson set off on Thursday for Beijing for talks with senior Chinese leaders The often difficult relations between the world’... read more

Tara Reid remembers Hugh in exclusive statement

Tara Reid has remembered the late founder of Playboy, Hugh Hefner, in an exclusive statement to DailyMailTV.  Reid, 41, who appeared on a cover of Playboy in 2... read more

Clean Eating Alice shares photo to prove she’s not perfect

She’s known and loved for her glossy Instagram photos that depict her healthy lifestyle but social star Alice Liveing has shared her most candid post yet.... read more

Michigan drunk driver arrested after trip to McDonald’s

A drunk driver was arrested at a McDonald’s in Michigan after he honked and cursed at the drive-thru window for 15 minutes in front of police. The Bath To... read more

Ronnie Wood fawns over his 15-month-old twins in Barcelona

The Rolling Stones and their families are currently jetting around Europe for their No Filter tour. And legendary rocker Ronnie Wood, 70, looked thrilled to hav... read more

Trees that trap young birds to use as fertiliser are found

The Caribbean is known for its idyllic beaches and clear, calm waters, but deep in the islands’ dense forests lie a host of killer trees. Scientists have ... read more

Judge agrees Stephen Belafonte can grill Mel B witnesses

Lawyers for Stephen Belafonte have demanded the right to grill witnesses who allegedly corroborate Mel B’s claim that her husband beat her during their te... read more

Polish mother given benefits to keep children at school

Ivona Kemska, 31,  was given regime of care to ensure children went to school Kemska, from Blackpool, even got free English lessons from her local council  Bu... read more

Kim Cattrall causes studio to shelve Sex and the City 3

The cast and crew of Sex and the City are devastated that a third movie that was due to go into pre-production this month has been shelved due to the demands of... read more

Kim Jong-un claims five million people are ready to fight

Nearly five million people in North Korea have signed up to fight after Kim Jong-Un accused Donald Trump of declaring war.  Millions of students and some 1.22 ... read more

Prince Harry’s girl Meghan Markle gets new security detail

Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle is being protected around the clock by a security detail paid for by her employers, DailyMailTV reveals Thursday. ... read more

Man who broke the scale HALVES his size and drops 192lbs

An Austin man has revealed how his struggle with obesity spiraled so far out of control that he couldn’t even lift himself off of the couch. Kyle Brown-La... read more

Radioactive Plutocene could change the course of evolution

On January 27, 2017, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moved the arms of its doomsday clock to 2.5 minutes to midnight – the closest it has been since 195... read more

Sixth-grade boy dies hours after showing up to school sick

A sixth-grade boy died just hours after he showed up to school sick with ‘meningitis-like symptoms’. Shorly after the boy arrived to Horizon Academ... read more

Love hormone makes men more friendly but women freak out

The ‘love hormone,’ oxytocin, triggers men to feel for friendly and social, a new study shows. But another study published earlier this week shows t... read more

Lady Victoria Hervey, 40, shows off her incredible frame 

She is well known for her scanty ensembles and sexy frame.  And Lady Victoria Hervey once again went for her trademark sizzling ensembles as she enjoyed a dip ... read more

Hugh Hefner was a tough boss, loved Britney, hated Donald

Hugh Hefner was always the biggest star in the room no matter who else was there. And he had the largest entourage of any star I had ever seen. I know because I... read more

Fergie wows in form fitting dress while out in Paris

By Sarah Sotoodeh For Published: 19:03 BST, 28 September 2017 | Updated: 19:11 BST, 28 September 2017 Fergie announced her surprise split from Jos... read more

Teacher admits to sexual conduct with a student

Katie Carsey has been arrested after admitting to having sexual contact with a 14-year-old student She was caught half-naked in her car in July, said she was me... read more

Modern humans emerged more than 350,000 years ago

A genomic analysis of ancient human remains from KwaZulu-Natal revealed that southern Africa has an important role to play in writing the story of humankind. Th... read more

Tropical forests now emit MORE carbon than they capture

Tropical forests have been so damaged by humans that they now pollute the planet more than they protect it. The planet’s forests and oceans are vital ... read more

Plastic could help dangerous marine creatures cross oceans

Plastic could help dangerous marine creatures cross oceans to invade new countries, scientists have warned. Millions of tonnes of plastic in the sea are creatin... read more

Couple tries to kidnap girl, 15, at a Brooklyn bus stop

Surveillance footage shows a silver BMW SUV with New York plates pulling up to 15-year-old girl at a bus stop in the South Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn The ma... read more