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Body of missing pregnant teen found in suitcase

The body of Emely Peguero, a 16-year-old from the Dominican Republic, was found in a suitcase on the side of the road on Friday Remains of pregnant 16-year-old¬... read more

Florida and Georgia brace for arrival of Hurricane Irma

Miami is now in the ‘worst possible position’ as Hurricane Irma heads for the US mainland. With the storm barreling toward the tip of Florida for pe... read more

Usher denies ‘every allegation’ including herpes exposure

Usher has denied every allegation made against him including claims he had exposed a trio of accusers to genital herpes. The 38-year-old star has refuted the ac... read more

Perfect Sydney Spring Racing Carnival high heel shoes

There’s a lot to consider when you head out for a day at the races, but arguably shoe choice is one of the most important decisions. Being on your feet al... read more

US-led coalition leave over 300 ISIS fighters stranded

Islamic State fighters are attempting to evacuate members from desert US-led coalition has marooned convey to bait militants into trap Over 300 ISIS fighters an... read more

Irma pummels Turks and Caicos with 175mph winds

The Turks and Caicos are being pounded by Hurricane Irma, which has made its way through the Caribbean and killed at least 13 in its deadly path to the United S... read more

Ex-British Army soldier, 75, quizzed 25 times by police

An elderly former serviceman was interrogated 25 times by police investigating the death of a man with learning difficulties more than 40 years ago.   Frail D... read more

Lee Rigby’s mother blasts murderer as he chases £100k 

Lee Rigby’s murderer wants ¬£100,000 ‘blood money’ over allegations that prison officers left him mentally scarred. Michael Adebolajo, 32, who... read more

How Nazi Josef Mengele escaped Israeli spies

Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad missed at least two chances to capture infamous Nazi fugitive Dr Josef Mengele, who sent hundreds of thousands of Jews... read more

Police admit rape in Norfolk town was linked to disorder

Police in Norfolk have apologised for the way they responded to a weekend of rape, assault and theft that left a seaside town on ‘lawless lockdown’ ... read more

British triplets among youngest survivors of Irma

British triplets are among the youngest survivors of the hurricane, it emerged last night. The six-month-old girls were being nursed in the safest part of the h... read more

‘Stop having sex at Christmas’: Midwife begs couples

It seems a little early for a Christmas appeal. But one midwife has asked people to refrain from having sex during the season of goodwill after a spike in babie... read more

Mother pens honest account of what mums get judged on

A mother-of-two from Melbourne has taken to Facebook to express her annoyance at the judgement still placed on mums. Mel Griffiths, 28, said that mothers in 201... read more

Police swoop on child groomer in middle of Parramatta mall

An alleged child groomer has been caught by police as he arrived at a shopping mall to meet what he thought was a young girl he’d been talking to online. ... read more

Wonkish Keir Starmer stared peevishly at the hecklers

Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer, he of the hesitant voice and scraped-sideways hairdo, is a complete and utter lawyer.¬† He is incapable of popularising his leg... read more

Surgeons save workman’s penis in eight-hour operation

Man was rushed to hospital after reportedly sawing into penis with a circular saw Surgeons managed to save his genitalia but say he remains ‘extremely poo... read more

Roxy Jacenko flaunts plump pout amid lip injection rumours

Roxy Jacenko’s recent selfie appears to confirm rumours she has undergone even MORE lip fillers in the past few weeks. Taking to Instagram before a night ... read more

Cake mix among 26 products recalled over egg contamination

The FSA named 26 products in which they found traces of the pesticide Fiprinol Items have been recalled as a result of the European egg contamination scandal Mo... read more

Airbnb 10 most sought properties New Zealand

Savvy holidaymakers know the importance of finding that special place to stay – one so unique it practically becomes as memorable as the trip itself. Now¬... read more

Boy who lives opposite Prince George’s school on first day

This is Cormac Garrigan ‚Äď he lives opposite Prince George’s new school in a small maisonette. Like the young royal, today was his first day at school. B... read more

Foul paly was involved in disapperance of Texas realtor

The mother in Houston who disappeared the same day Hurricane Harvey hit did not go missing because of the storm, police have said.  Crystal McDowell, 38, was l... read more

Western NY librarian pleads guilty in death of WWI veteran

A western New York librarian has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of a World War I veteran more than three decades ago. Erie County District Attorney... read more

Google axes video by gang linked to teen killing

Google has deleted a video glorifying guns and violence after the gang behind it was linked to the killing of a boy. The internet giant took down the film on it... read more

Four kangaroos battle it out on suburban NSW front yard

A group of four huge kangaroos were caught boxing on suburban nature strip Filmed from a car, two young girls were left in hysterics watching the roos fight  T... read more