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Biggest solar flare seen for 12 YEARS erupts from the sun

The biggest solar flare seen for 11 years erupted from the sun yesterday, causing radio blackouts on Earth. Two high-intensity solar flares were emitted, the se... read more

Cyclist runs a red right in front of officer in Auckland

Dashcam footage has captured the moment a brazen cyclist runs a red light  The recording, filmed on September 6, shows an officer on a motorbike He is stopped ... read more

Couple on flooded Sun Princess cruise ship found sewage

A passenger on board a cruise ship has claimed sewage seeped into people’s rooms after burst water pipes caused mass flooding in the lower deck. The Sun P... read more

Great white shark lurches out of the water in South Africa

If you’re terrified of the film, Jaws, you might want to look away now. An incredible video has emerged online showing a great white shark breaching the w... read more

Dr Zac Turner says popular diet tricks making you fat

Weight watchers desperate to shed a few extra kilos can often fall victim to quick fixes and habits which seem appealing on paper. But dietitians and food exper... read more

Footage shows clumsy dog trying to catch in NSW

A golden Labrador’s terrible catching ability has been shown up in hilarious slow-motion footage of her being repeatedly hit in the face by toys and treat... read more

Shocking aerial photos reveal Irma’s path of destruction

These dramatic aerial pictures show scenes of devastation on a Caribbean island after it was ravaged by the most powerful hurricane the Atlantic has ever seen. ... read more

Homes evacuated as fuel tank mistaken for bomb in Sussex

More than 60 people have been forced to flee their homes after a fuel tank was mistaken for an unexploded 1,000lbs World War II bomb at a building site. A 200 m... read more

Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s ‘holiday cut short due to hurricane’

She has been living it up in Miami on a much-needed girls’ trip. However, Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s holiday has reportedly been cut short as she was forc... read more

Obama captured in behind-the-scenes photographs

Sharing jokes with his staff before Paris fashion week and perching on their chairs on AirForce One, these photos depict a very relaxed behind-the-scenes Obama.... read more

NHS midwife broke down after finding out husband died

An NHS midwife broke down in tears in court as she spoke about how her family was ‘shattered in a single moment’ after her husband was killed by a d... read more

Texan commuters stuck in traffic as Houston recovers

Frustrated Texans who were stuck in Houston traffic for hours as the city recovers from Hurricane Harvey turned to social media yesterday to vent their anger. T... read more

House prices rise almost £2,500 in August, says Halifax

House prices rose almost £2,500 in August as a late summer bounce continued but property inflation remains near the lowest level for four years, figures reveal... read more

Father films children working out how to listen to tapes

A father’s video of his children trying to figure out how to listen to old cassette tapes has gone viral. James Crane, from Essex, discovered the collecti... read more

London transgender woman offers virginity to bidders

A transgender woman is selling her virginity to the highest bidder – if they pay £30,000 for her sex change surgery and boob job operation. Lila Rose, 25... read more

Holly Willoughby sends fans wild with weight loss

She returned to This Morning this week, after shocking fans with her incredible weight loss over the summer. And Holly Willoughby once again sent fans into a fr... read more

Simon Cowell hangs with Terri Seymour and Lauren Silverman

He remains best of friends with all his ex-girlfriends. And once again Simon Cowell proved himself to be the perfect former love as he chilled out with Terri Se... read more

Jailed father’s four children died in Hurricane Harvey

The jailed father whose four children and grandparents drowned in a van in Hurricane Harvey has told of his heartbreak. Jason Saldivar, 36, will be released fro... read more

Putin: ‘Impossible to scare’ North Korea with sanctions

Putin said Pyongyang viewed freezing its weapons programmes as ‘an invitation to the cemetery’ North Korea will never freeze its weapons programmes ... read more

Man arrested after hiding gun in Sydney childcare centre

A man has been charged after a pistol and ammunition was found hidden at a childcare centre in Sydney’s southwest four years ago. Officers using a firearm... read more

Michigan woman with PGAD always on brink of orgasm

A young woman has a rare condition that leaves her constantly aroused – but the sensation is anything but pleasurable. Amanda McLaughlin, 23, of Jackson, ... read more

Aaron Carter reports visited police three times buy a gun

He confessed to totaling his BMW earlier this month.  And Aaron Carter’s tempestuous month continued on Wednesday as he was reportedly visited by police ... read more

Japan declares North Korea a threat ‘to the entire world’

Japan has declared North Korea a threat to the entire world and has called upon every nation to put pressure on Kim Jong-un to abandon his nuclear weapon bid. ... read more

Tyra Banks pulls cruel twist on America’s Got Talent acts

America’s Got Talent pulled a cruel twist Wednesday while announcing five acts headed to the finals. Show host Tyra Banks, 43, called forward singers Joh... read more