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Josh Peck films reunion with Drake Bell at MTV VMAs

Josh Peck and Drake Bell have officially smoothed things over. The former Drake & Josh co-stars had a falling out back in June, when Josh failed to invite h... read more

Gunmen ‘dressed as police officer’ kill child in Pakistan

Attackers on motorbikes opened fire on Khawaja Izharul Hassan outside mosque Police officer and young child were killed in the attack by men in police uniforms ... read more

Vic truck driver films lady knocking down traffic cones

Truck driver records the moment a female  passenger dangles her head out The woman was trying to knock down traffic cones placed on a busy freeway  Jacob Groo... read more

Hilarious parking fail caught on camera

A hapless motorist in Belgium was filmed trying to park her tiny car into a space The woman spends more than three minutes trying to fit the small vehicle in De... read more

Barcelona attack victim Julian Cadman commemorated

Seven white balloons were released at a Sydney family day to commemorate the life of schoolboy Julian Cadman, who died in the Barcelona terrorist attack, and ra... read more

Amal Clooney shows post-baby body with George in Venice

They are currently in Italy for the 74th annual Venice Film Festival.  And proving the event to be a glamorous affair, Amal Clooney, 39, looked sensational as ... read more

Marijuana makes men’s sperm ‘lazily swim in circles’

Researchers reveal cannabis leaves sperm ‘mellow’ causing it to ‘swim in circles’ Regular use of the drug cuts sperm counts, the Canadia... read more

London terror victim’s sister says Govt has blood on hands

The sister of London Bridge terror victim James McMullan has spoken out about the ‘preventable’ death of her brother and blasted the Government for... read more

Party for Freedom march across Sydney to save statues

Passionate Australians wanting to keep the country’s historical statues in place took to Hyde Park in protest, despite few threats to remove them. Respond... read more

Burning Man festival-goers create impressive spectacle

Tens of thousands of people have gathered in the Nevada desert in the blazing heat for the annual Burning Man festival. Around 70,000 burners have set up camp i... read more

Why do health bosses waste so much GP time?

Should you require evidence of the utter contempt in which senior NHS officials hold the public, look no further than a ‘peer review’ scheme being rolled ou... read more

Men thrown off Ryanair flight after shouting Allahu Akbar

Nine Belgian men have been thrown off Ryanair flight for shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ They were due to fly to Madrid from Zaventum in Brussels at 7am tod... read more

Roman mosaic is unearthed in Berkshire

A Roman mosaic packed with mythical characters and beasts based on classical legend has been unearthed at a dig in Boxford, West Berkshire. The 1,600-year-old ... read more

Finca Cortesin on Costa del Sol might be Spain’s finest

Finca is a good word — just like ‘albergo’ in Italian has a certain ring to it that the all-encompassing ‘hotel’ can’t quite manage. According to Wi... read more

Boy giggles while getting continually swooped by a magpie 

Spring is officially upon us, and for one young boy, that means learning the nasty reality of riding a bike during magpie nesting season. In a video shared to F... read more

Princess Charlene of Monaco exudes classic glamour

Princess Charlene exuded classic glamour as she joined her husband Prince Albert II of Monaco and the royal twins for the nation’s annual end-of-summer pi... read more

Long-lost picture album offers glimpse into the past

These incredible pictures offer an amazing snapshot of a moment in time that has long since passed. An auctioneer discovered the 130-year-old picture album buri... read more

Another Place in the Lake District is perfect for families

Let’s face it. A holiday in the Lake District isn’t exactly the easiest thing to sell to pre-adolescent children old enough to complain about the weathe... read more

British tourist, 30, is found dead in a field in Tenerife

Police in Tenerife are investigating the mystery death of a 30-year-old British tourist who was found barefoot and wearing just shorts in a field after a bizarr... read more

An Inspector Calls on London’s Sunborn Yacht hotel

An Inspector Calls: London’s Sunborn Yacht Hotel is an overpriced novelty floating hideaway with disappointing food and an off-putting faux-poshness The D... read more

Sarah Vine on why children not placed with other family

Even the most avid supporter of multi-cultural Britain would have to admit it seems spectacularly insensitive of Tower Hamlets Council to have placed a five-yea... read more

Aged care homes flu toll rises in Victoria, Tasmania

Tasmanian nursing home confirmed six of its residents died last month due to flu Uniting AgeWell said on Saturday that it lost six of its residents to Influenza... read more

Shocking moment woman abuses Muslim worshippers

A woman was filmed shouting ‘f***ing p****!’ at Muslims in Dewsbury, West Yorks The blonde-haired middle-aged woman abused worshippers celebrating E... read more

Giant python found lurking under car bonnet in Queensland

A coastal carpet python was spotted making its way into a car’s bonnet Its dark colour disguised it among the innards of the engine  The reptile was gent... read more