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NY Nazi loving property manager charged with harassment

A Nazi loving property manager has been charged with harassment after following, yelling obscenities at and grabbing a former tenant. Neal Milano, 70, was arres... read more

Man trampled by elephant was taking a selfie in India

This is the moment when an Indian man is trampled to death by a wild elephant after he tried to pose for a photo with the animal.  Ashok Bharti, 50, had report... read more

Man hacks traffic barricade in front of child in China

The man said he was fed up of walking around the barrier every day He can be seen hacking away at the barrier with a tool His child is standing next to him with... read more

All hikers safe after being trapped by wildfires in Oregon

Dozens of hikers have been rescued after being trapped by wildfires in the mountains east of Portland. Many of the walkers were forced to spend the night outsid... read more

Blackpool homeowners call for Leylandii to be cut down

Frustrated homeowners are demanding a housing group cuts down giant trees have grown so high they are blocking out all natural light in their back gardens. The ... read more

Kevin McCloud aims to raise £50m to build 600 homes a year

TV property expert Kevin McCloud wants to raise £50million to build 600 ‘beautiful and sustainable’ homes a year to challenge identikit developers.... read more

Having a purpose in life can keep you strong in old age

Having a ‘reason to get up in the morning’ can keep you strong in old age, new research suggests. Adults who see a purpose in their life are less li... read more

Driver takes cops on chase ending on New York golf course

Freddie P. Maliwacki Sr. was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment and criminal mischief The 79-year-old man was allegedly driving a 2010 Toyota Corol... read more

Hurricane Irma is a ‘serious threat’ to the US

Hurricane Irma now poses a ‘serious threat’ to the U.S., meteorologists say, but the direction of the Category 3 storm is still unclear.  The storm... read more

Breastfeeding nearly halves the risk of an asthma attack

Breastfeeding alters the gut microbiome, which influences the immune system There is no association between breastfeeding and poor asthma control Further studie... read more

Police drive 220km/h to catch car in right lane in NSW

A policeman drove at 220km/h to catch a motorist driving in right hand lane Driver fined $325 and slapped with three demerit points for little-known crime He t... read more

Belgian Army pilot falls from helicopter without parachute

Three soldiers had parachuted from a helicopter as part of an airshow in Belgium Co-pilot monitoring jump turned back to find pilot was not in seat and door ope... read more

Police dog in Connecticut put down after cancer diagnosis

Police dog in Connecticut put down after being diagnosed with liver cancer Officer Michael D’Aresta was forced to say goodbye to K9 Hunter after ten years... read more

Ghost lobster caught off Maine coast by trawlerman

Trawlerman Alex Todd caught a rare ‘ghost’ lobster while off the coast of Maine  The lobster is thought to have a genetic pigment mutation called L... read more

Hitler ‘performed sex act in a cinema during violent film’

Hitler was a ‘sexually confused serial killer’, according to a new book released in Germany A new book out in Germany this week claims that Adolf Hi... read more

Where are New York’s Club Kids of the ’80s and ’90s now?

They were the stars of New York City nightlife in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s with their outrageous looks and antics, simultaneously striking fear into the... read more

Danger of sex crimes in mobile apps revealed in experiment

More than 100 predators and paedophiles have been arrested this year for trying to groom children online and the problem is only getting worse. Commander of the... read more

Sorcerer fails to revive boy with ceremony in Rajasthan

A heartbroken Indian couple who had lost their son, enlisted a sorcerer to perform a 17-hour ceremony to bring their dead child back to life. The nine-year-old ... read more

Trump likes tweet saying he’s ‘not presidential material’

The president bizarrely ‘liked’ a tweet that called him un-presidential after he misspelled a word in his own tweet.  On Friday, President Donald T... read more

Sufferers overestimate their discomfort, study reveals

Back pain may be psychological, new research suggests. People over estimate their lower back discomfort, a study found.  Lead author Dr Tasha Stanton from the ... read more

Cumbria husband and wife who plotted to drug babies freed

A husband and wife who plotted to drug and rape babies and discussed their plans on WhatsApp in a paedophile love triangle have been freed from jail after serv... read more

Marriage increases levels of forgiveness and self-control

There may be yet another reason to tie the knot.   A new study suggests that marriage changes you forever, by helping to hone your levels of forgiveness and se... read more

Indigenous One Nation candidate opposes welfare crackdown

An indigenous man who opposes a cashless welfare card for Aboriginal people is running as a One Nation candidate. Jason Quick is flying the flag for Pauline Han... read more

Fraudster accused of beating man for info on daughter

A convicted white collar fraudster has been accused of going too far in investigating the mysterious death of his 20-year-old daughter.  Vladislav ‘Steve... read more