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Jane Fonda and Robert Redford at Venice Film Festival

They first starred opposite each other in the 1960s college comedy Tall Story, and went on to dominate the decade as a captivating screen team. And almost four... read more

Video: Clerk takes on two armed robbers with bare hands

A fast acting overnight store clerk took on two armed robbers at a convenience store in Canada, and was even able to detain on of them until police arrived. Nis... read more

Whitehall bungles wasting £4.6million every day

Blundering ministers and officials in Whitehall have been wasting more than £4.6million of taxpayers’ money every day. Over a year, £1.7billion was squander... read more

Killer who shot dead partner hinted at the murder suicide

A man who shot dead his elderly partner before turning the gun on himself had hinted at his murderous intentions during a dinner with his lover. Former lawyer C... read more

Sports Direct bosses use emojis for warehouse staff survey

Union said survey at company’s Shirebrook warehouse in Derbyshire was ‘bogus’ Staff knew they might get in trouble for giving negative feedbac... read more

Mannequin used to snare serial killer to go in a museum 

A mannequin that was used to snare a suspected serial killer who is accused of murdering homeless men is set to go on display in a Las Vegas museum. Metropolita... read more

Heartbreaking toll of ecstasy: How 16 lives were lost

Trainee accountant Amy Vigus died after taking ecstasy last month at a festival Britain’s youngsters are believed to be Europe’s biggest users of MDMA The ... read more

Girl, 14, was ‘killed by marijuana dealer with hammer’

Police in Texas arrested a 16-year-old juvenile for allegedly using a hammer to kill a 14-year-old girl who wanted to buy marijuana from him and then leaving he... read more

BEL MOONEY: My lover’s so put upon by his spoilt, lazy son

When I can look life in the eyes, Grown calm and very coldly wise, Life will have given me the truth And taken in exchange — my youth. From Wisdom by Sara Tea... read more

Lady Brittan former Lord Brammall £100,000 payout

Lord Bramall and Lady Brittan  received a reported £100,000 in compensation Met Police raided their homes during the 16-month Operation Midland inquiry The Me... read more

Two musicians found dead in house in Canterbury

Police investigating the death of two popular musicians have confirmed another man’s lifeless body was found in the same property just days earlier. Max M... read more

Ice-addict stepson sues Channel 9 over murdered stepmother

Karen Ristevski’s ‘ice-addicted’ stepson is suing Channel 9, saying their claim that he demanded $200,000 to tell his story was untrue. Mrs Ri... read more

Gabby Epstein reveals the secrets to her Instagram success

At a glance at Gabby Epstein’s Instagram page, it’s clear she is living a life many only dream of.  At just 23, the former Gold Coast based model h... read more

MAX HASTINGS longs for the cold war

On November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall was broken down amid scenes of wild rejoicing which resonated around the world. In the two years that followed, the Warsaw ... read more

Suspects demand to see Notting Hill dancing PC’s moves

Dan Graham takes time off body-popping by relaxing with his girlfriend Samantha at home in Epsom, Surrey The dancing PC who stole the show at the Notting Hill C... read more

Muslim group seeks donations to buy a Victorian-era church

A Muslim group is hoping to buy a Victorian-era church built in 1872. The stone building near Redfern train station, in central Sydney, is up for auction on Wed... read more

Dame Sally Davies spent £3,000 on taxis in nine months 

The chief medical officer faced fresh accusations of hypocrisy last night after it emerged she spent more than £3,000 on taxis in nine months. Dame Sally Davie... read more

One in four people rather check Facebook than have sex

Checking Facebook or Twitter when they wake up was more popular than sex Women prefer a kiss and hug with loved one to get their day off on the right foot Howev... read more

Beachy Head gas cloud may have come ‘from shipwreck’ 

A shipwreck could be to blame for a chemical cloud which forced coastline evacuations across East Sussex last weekend. Some 150 people were treated for stinging... read more

Panera Bread fires employee for ‘stupid b***h’ receipt’

The Panera Bread restaurant chain fired an employee from one of its Atlanta area locations after a customer received a receipt with the words ‘stupid b***... read more

Girl, 4, who had orange-sized tumour removed starts school

A girl of four who had a brain tumour the size of an orange removed when she was a baby is preparing to start school. Lyra Cole had initially been diagnosed as ... read more

A 400 year old ceiling has been destroyed

Historians have hit the roof after a 400-year-old Jacobean ceiling was destroyed by builders – a day before inspectors were due to List it. The elaborate ... read more

Princess Mary looks radiant in a floral number

A series of touching images have captured Crown Princess Mary’s radiance The 45-year-old visited children at a support centre in Copenhagen  BørneTelefo... read more

UK McDonald’s staff to make history in first ever strike

Workers at two British McDonald’s restaurants are set to make history next week when they are due to become the first ever to go on strike in this country... read more