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Sunderland man ashamed of hair didn’t have sex for 3 years

A balding man too ashamed of his appearance to have sex for three years claims his new hair has left him fighting off suitors. Mike Bute, 25, from Sunderland, k... read more

Trump slashes funds to promote Obamacare enrollment by 90%

Affirming its disdain for ‘Obamacare,’ the Trump administration on Thursday announced sharp cuts in programs promoting health care enrollment under ... read more

Trump blasts Comey for new Clinton email probe charges

President Donald Trump latched onto a charge this morning that James Comey wanted to announce the end of the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton mo... read more

Cycling Weekly captioned photo ‘token attractive woman’ 

Magazine was forced to apologise for the ‘idiotic’ caption underneath a picture Cyclist Hannah Noel’s pictured was accompanied by ‘token... read more

North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un may launch sixth nuke next week

Satellite images have emerged suggesting North Korea is ready to carry out a sixth nuclear bomb test amid fears it could coincide with the state’s anniver... read more

World’s smallest ever quantum memory ‘box’ is revealed

Scientists have taken a step towards creating a fully-secure form of global communication using the weird world of quantum physics. Researchers say they have cr... read more

Aer Lingus New York jet makes emergency landing in Dublin

A pilot was forced to make an emergency landing in a dramatic cloud of spray just minutes after taking off from Dublin. The Aer Lingus flight to New York JFK ha... read more

US indie musician Colleen Green is deported from Australia

Colleen Green couldn’t honour her Australian tour as she was on the wrong visa Ms Green’s promoter Bone Soup had secured the indie musician a touri... read more

Ukraine warns Putin will stage land grab during war games

Russia could use controversial military drills near NATO borders to stage a land grab similar to Vladimir Putin’s annexation of Crimea, Ukraine has warned... read more

Video shows nurse being put in handcuffs for doing her job

Shocking video has emerged, showing a nurse being put into handcuffs simply for doing her job.  University of Utah nurse Alex Wubbels released the video to the... read more

Woman sues New York City after tree branch hits her

Heleyn Frumin says the tree limb fractured her ribs and injured her head  The suit, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, says she suffered ‘severe and perma... read more

Reader 1000 can sniff out the weekend drug-takers

People who take drugs at the weekend have new reason to fear facing work on Monday morning. Researchers have created the first portable drugs test which detects... read more

Dog owner jailed for 12 months over Sydney pitbull attacks

A man who owned one of two American Staffy dogs that mauled an elderly woman has been sentenced to 12 months in jail. Jaiden Goodwin, whose dog was among two ca... read more

Workers discover old well-preserved corpse in China

Construction workers in China discover centuries old well preserved corspe The man is thought to have died between the Ming and Qing dynasties The intact body w... read more

Jamaica bobsleigh team defends revellers who ‘blacked up’

The Jamaica Bobsleigh Team has accepted an apology by a group of men who ‘blacked-up’ their faces for a float depicting the Jamaican bobsleigh team... read more

Crossfit athlete shows how much difference posture makes

Instagram is flooded with pictures of fitness fanatics showing off their impressive physiques while at the gym. But one Crossfit athlete has revealed the truth ... read more

Trump ‘phones Bannon when John Kelly isn’t around’

Insiders close to the President claim Trump has regular conversations with Bannon Close aides worry about the relationship between Trump and chief of staff John... read more

Estate agent trapped by killer in 1992 dies of cancer

An estate agent who famously survived eight days locked in a box after being kidnapped by crazed one-legged killer Michael Sams in 1992 has died of cancer. Step... read more

US awards contracts for Mexico border wall prototypes

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has announced it will award contracts to build four prototypes Funding for the prototypes of a see-through structure ... read more

Kim Jong-un’s aunt Kim Kyong-hui ‘seriously ill’

The formerly powerful aunt of Kim Jong-un is seriously ill in hospital four years after she disappeared from public view when her husband was executed by firing... read more

Fleet of monster trucks roll in to flood-hit Texas

Footage taken in Houston shows US Army vehicle being dragged to safety Airport worker Josh James co-ordinated an effort using monster trucks Five vehicles were ... read more

Cave divers uncover Mount Gambier cave system

Incredible footage has shown the moment cave explorers chipped out a hole big enough to fit a person through— revealing an entire new breathtaking cave system... read more

California deputies to recover bodies of Thai students

Authorities will today attempt to pull two bodies from a car that plunged off a cliff more than a month ago in the Central California mountains and became lodge... read more

Pope Francis reveals he saw a Jewish psychoanalyst

Pope Francis has revealed he saw a Jewish psychoanalyst when he was younger to help him ‘clarify a few things’.  It is the first time the pontiff h... read more