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How to banish horrible smells from your fridge

Bicarbonate of soda can be used in a myriad of ways to banish odours for good Wipe the fridge clean with a solution of bicard and water to eliminate smells To k... read more

Care assistant ‘photobombed by grandmother’s ghost’

A care worker decided to end her troubled six-year relationship after seeing what she thought was her grandmother’s ghost behind her in a photo.  Carla U... read more

BBC documentary exposes the world of internet sperm donors

For some couples unable to conceive naturally, the internet offers a much cheaper – and occasionally seedier – alternative to IVF or sperm banks. Th... read more

Cousins dig own grave at gunpoint before shot in Brazil

This is the chilling moment a teenager and his cousin are forced to dig their own grave before being executed by a drugs gang in Brazil. Wagner da Rosa, 17 and ... read more

Speed increases risk of stroke within hours or days of use

Using methamphetamine – sometimes called `speed,’ `ice,’ or `meth’ – increases the chance of stroke, a study has found. And while users ma... read more

Disco Inferno! Day four of the Burning Man Festival

The heart of the Nevada desert is alive with color and unusual art installations as the Burning Man festival continues. It began on Sunday and is due to run unt... read more

Whale stranded on Sunshine Coast’s Warana Beach euthanised

A stranded newborn humpback whale on a Sunshine Coast beach in Queensland has been euthanised. Rescue efforts to save the three-metre whale went for hours at Wa... read more

NSW Coca-Cola executive used company card for prostitutes

A Coca-Cola fleet manager took financial bribes and kickbacks in exchange for lucrative contracts given to a leasing company, a court has found. Bryan Pereira a... read more

Drinking young quadruples the risk of girls having sex

Drinking before the age of 13 quadruples the risk of girls having sex young, new research reveals. For both genders, having alcohol before 14 more than doubles ... read more

Cancer patient walks up and stabs eminent Russian doctor

This is the sickening moment an eminent cancer doctor was fatally stabbed by a patient – soon after the medic had given him the all-clear. Dr Igor Tyulene... read more

Kyoto scientists devise stem cell treatment for Parkinsons

A pioneering new stem cell treatment with the ‘potential to cure Parkinson’s disease’ has been crafted by researchers. In trials on laboratory... read more

Brisbane man spots car parking error two drivers made

Everyone knows the feeling of being stuck in a shopping centre car park circling the lot in search of that ever elusive spot – but the pursuit has proven ... read more

NHS will pay £100 million to agencies to recruit GPs

The NHS will pay agencies up to £100 million to recruit GPs from abroad in a bid to tackle the growing staffing crisis as the seven-day working week comes int... read more

Gerry Harvey predicts Australia will be ‘Asian country’

Australia will be an ‘Asian country’ with a population of 100 million by next century and there’s ‘not a chance in hell’ we can st... read more

Police raid in Revesby in Sydney’s south-west

Dramatic police raids are underway in Revesby in Sydney’s south-west A BearCat armoured vehicle is currently blocking Ferndale Avenue It is believed to b... read more

Can you blame your chocolate cravings on your period?

Many women blame their cravings for chocolate on ‘the time of the month’. But it may have more to do with your culture than your physical causes, sa... read more

Are YOU grinding your teeth? Demi Moore does!

Are you grinding your teeth down? A leading dentist talks how to spot the signs of the painful condition, why people are driven to it and how to eliminate the h... read more

Matty is busted wearing an ear piece during rose ceremony

Earlier this season he told contestants he wasn’t just ‘some puppet that’s just being told what to do’. But it appears that Matty ̵... read more

Tim Warner puts Melbourne mansion on market

Australian property mogul Tim Gurner who infamously slammed Generation Y for wasting money on avocados and coffees has put his Melbourne home on the market expe... read more

Woman, 23, has been unable to urinate for 3 YEARS

A 23-year-old woman has been unable to urinate for three years after being struck down by a bizarre condition. Vikki Black, from Barrow-in-Furness, suffers from... read more

‘No’ campaigners against gay marriage outline their fears

Campaigners against gay marriage have had beer bottles and eggs pelted at their office. The Australian Christian Lobby’s Canberra headquarters have been v... read more

Hit and run driver Mina Hanna jailed on the Gold Coast

A hit and run driver who left a young man for dead on a Gold Coast road jailed Mina Hanna, 21, sentenced to six-and-a-half years’ imprisonment on Thursday... read more

Woman in $15,000 of debt pays it off within a year

A year shy of 30, Elesha Piper found herself drowning in nearly $15,000 worth of debt without any savings or assets to her name.  Fast-forward five years later... read more

Top budgeting tips revealed by thrifty mother of six

A mother from Adelaide, who has six children under the age of six, has shared her top budgeting tips.  Sharing her thoughts on her blog, Eight at Home, Krechel... read more