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Iraq declares victory over ISIS in Nineveh province

The Iraqi government has declared victory over ISIS in the key northern city of Tal Afar and the rest of Nineveh province. It had been almost entirely under th... read more

California woman arrested for dog with 300 tumors

Pasha the dog walked alone into Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newton Beach, California, with 300 tumors Mary Kay Sodaro, 52, has been arrested and charged with a fe... read more

Crocodile crocodile spotted swimming towards Thai beach

A crocodile was captured in drone footage swimming towards a beach popular with British holidaymakers after it went on the run from a crocodile farm. The huge r... read more

Wiltshire Council leaves disabled pensioner homeless

A council is evicting a disabled pensioner from a caravan on her own land despite letting travellers live on the field next door. Retired nurse Jane Andrews, 73... read more

Harvey death toll to rise as grim search for bodies begins

Texan fire fighters are now going door-to-door in a grim search for survivors and victims of Hurricane Harvey. Flood waters have receded enough in Houston for t... read more

GCSE geography bitesize quiz will test your knowledge

We tend to forget the knowledge we don’t use anymore. So can you still tell your hurricanes from your anticyclones, or which is the largest desert in the ... read more

Miley Cyrus tears up while talking about Houston on Ellen

Miley Cyrus was reduced to tears Wednesday during her appearance on The Ellen Show as she sent condolences to Hurricane Harvey victims. The popstar, 24, donated... read more

Pauline Hanson turns boxing ring girl in Birdsville

Pauline Hanson has made a cameo appearance as a ring-card girl during race-eve festivities for the Birdsville Cup. The Queensland senator was ringside when Fred... read more

Family of alleged sex captive visit R Kelly’s Atlanta home

R Kelly has been accused of keeping women against their will at his Atlanta home The family of a woman allegedly being held as a ‘sex captive’ by si... read more

Supercar summer draws to a close in London

Foreign playboys parade their luxury supercars outside one of London’s most exclusive hotels as supercar season comes to a close in the capital. Each year... read more

Wild boar roams free inside a Chinese hospital

A wild boar entered a hospital in China running free and injuring a cleaner before it was eventually captured.  12 Swat officers and four policemen had to join... read more

The online forum exclusively for SHOPLIFTERS

The internet is littered with niche sites catering for the most minority interests including shoplifting. An extraordinary forum has been designed to bring thie... read more

Bull walks into bar and staff jump over counter in Spain

Footage shows the bull chasing people through the streets of Serrania Alta  Staff seemed horrified as the bull enters the shack, set up to sell drinks There we... read more

Airbnbs for under £120 in Paris, Santorini and Bali

To hotel or Airbnb – that is the question. Hotels come with the convenience of room service and clean bed linen every morning and they usually boast a buz... read more

Kabul man’s toe replaces thumb after losing it in bomb

A student who lost his thumb in a terrorist attack is finally able to do simple tasks again after having his toe transplanted onto his hand. Student Irfaan-ul-l... read more

North Korea vows to execute reporters over UK book review

North Korea has vowed to track down Seoul reporters and ‘cut off their dirty windpipes’ for reviewing a ‘vicious and distorted’ British ... read more

Christopher Cantwell hates being known as ‘crying Nazi’

White nationalist Christopher Cantwell, 36 (pictured), who claims he pepper-sprayed a demonstrator in self-defense says he hates being labeled ‘the crying... read more

NHS no longer uses post-it notes for heart transplants

The NHS no longer uses post-it notes and whiteboards to arrange life-saving heart transplants for patients, it has emerged. Instead of relying on the tradition... read more

Wife of jailed saudi blogger speaks of fear of punishment

The wife of a Saudi Arabian blogger sentenced to 1,000 lashes for ‘insulting Islam’ has said crowds were ‘cheering like they were at a beach p... read more

Wheeny Creek only Sydney suburb with no foreigners

Census data reveal there is only one place in Sydney where there are no foreign-born residents. Wheeny Creek, a tiny hamlet of just 327 people 86 kilometres no... read more

Nitrous oxide reappears in US ambulances as pain killer

Normally used in dentist’s offices and hospitals, nitrous oxide – yes, laughing gas – is starting to turn up again in ambulances in some rural... read more

Drunk lorry driver who pulled M6 U-turn spared jail

Martin Vincent Kelly, 32, attempted a bizarre three-point turn on the M6 in Cumbria A drunk lorry driver who could have caused a ‘catastrophic’ disa... read more

Story of Britain’s first football deadline day scandal

Fred Laycock played for 12 teams in the 1920s Fascinating letters which unearth one of the first ever football transfer scandals where a striker switched teams ... read more

Half a million pacemaker patients are at risk of hack

More than 465,000 patients with St Jude pacemakers are at risk of potentially fatal hacks – and need to undergo an incredibly risky ‘software update... read more