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Tourettes sufferer ‘banned’ from caravan park for swearing

A woman with Tourette’s syndrome says she was made to feel as though she cannot return to a favourite family holiday spot because of her condition.  Kate... read more

Qantas ditches Dubai stopovers in favour of Singapore

Qantas flights out of Australia will no longer stop in Dubai, with the daily Sydney to London route going via Singapore instead. With Melbourne to London flight... read more

North Korea warns Tokyo of ‘imminent self-destruction’

North Korea has warned Japan that joining the West in criticizing their nuclear missiles program means ‘imminent self-destruction’, as Tokyo moves t... read more

Lincolnshire couple take son out of school to travel world

A globe-trotting couple have quit their jobs and taken their child out of school to travel the world – as they believe their son will get a better educati... read more

Diana’s confidante pays tribute to ‘wonderful’ Princess

One of Diana’s closest friend has paid tribute to the ‘wonderful’ Princess on the twentieth anniversary of her death. Rosa Monckton shared a c... read more

ACCC bans small retailer excessive credit card surcharges

Consumers will no longer be slapped with outrageous surcharges when they purchase items using a credit card come Friday.  New rules, set to come into effect at... read more

US flies bombers in show of force against North Korea

The United States flew some of its most advanced warplanes in bombing drills with ally South Korea on Thursday, a clear warning after North Korea launched a mid... read more

Cop says ‘we only shoot black people’ during traffic stop

A police lieutenant in Georgia has been moved to administrative duty after being heard on video during a traffic stop saying ‘we only shoot black people.&... read more

Activist pops the question in front of Pope Francis

This is the romantic moment a man got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend in front of the Pope at the Vatican. The moment happened directly in front... read more

Burglars and scammers among 40 arrested in Houston

Forty people have been arrested for looting across Houston and its surrounding areas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, police said. Houston officials have impose... read more

CIA ‘warned Spain 12 weeks before Las Ramblas ISIS attack’

The CIA warned Spanish police three months ago that ISIS was plotting to attack tourist areas in Barcelona – and specifically mentioned Las Ramblas, it h... read more

Cyber criminals target donors after Hurricane Harvey

Scammers are posing as fundraisers looking for kindhearted donations in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, officials have warned. The United States Computer Emergenc... read more

Footage shows pilot taking flight in the first jet pack

An incredible video showing one of the first ever test flights of a $150,000 (£115,000) jet pack in the early 60s has resurfaced this week. The video, taken in... read more

John Humphrys accused of mansplaining to Alexandra Shulman

John Humphrys was mocked by listeners and accused of ‘mansplaining’ fashion to the former editor of Vogue during an interview on Radio 4. Alexandra ... read more

Jean Huang fights life cardiac arrest botched Chippendale

The woman fighting for life after suffering cardiac arrest during a botched boob job has been revealed as Jean Huang, 35, as it’s discovered she was given... read more

Cyclist killed by a speeding lorry driver on the B1253

A cyclist who lost his son in a road accident was killed two years later by a speeding lorry driver who ‘failed to see him’ and smashed into the bac... read more

Snake regurgitates another after swallowing in India

A gory clip has been released of a venomous snake regurgitating a much larger snake that it had tried to swallow whole.   The unusual video shows a common Ind... read more

Russian oligarch walks bare-chested man in a Trump mask

This video showing a snarling man in a Donald Trump mask being walked with a dog lead has been banned from YouTube. Oligarch Aleksandr Donskoy parades the Trump... read more

Psoriasis sufferers are TWICE as likely to die early

Psoriasis sufferers are up to twice as likely to die early, new research reveals. Patients with a severe form of the condition, defined as affected skin that co... read more

Russia’s KrioRus charges £250,000 for ‘space funeral’

Bizarre plans announced by a Russian cyrogenics firm will see the dead blasted into space after their bodies have been frozen. The unusual funerals are being of... read more

Man finds a kelp whip on a beach in Canada

David Freiheit found the thick seaweed rope on a beach in British Columbia David wrote online: ‘It didn’t behave like a whip. But it hurt like one&... read more

1900 Great Galveston hurricane in Texas pictured

As Harvey continues to wreak havoc and the death toll rises, these pictures show the impact of America’s deadliest natural disaster more than 100 years ag... read more

Crazy Kiwi beekeeper sits on a buzzing hive in $1000 dare

A New Zealand beekeeper has got more than he bargained for after accepting a crazy dare to sit on a beehive. Jamie Grainger, 27, from Tauranga performed the cra... read more

Thug decorator killed grandfather with one punch in Devon

A thug has been jailed for six years for killing a grandfather with a single punch after taking a pub row outside.  Ashley Lawman, 25, was jailed for manslaugh... read more