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‘Singheart’ molecule could mean heart cells self-repair

Damaged heart cells could potentially self-heal with a ground-breaking discovery in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. Researchers have identified a non-c... read more

Asda mocked for printing 10,000 ‘Isle of White’ bags

Asda produced 10,000 carrier bags for the launch of a new store in Newport The bags for life were decorated with a design by two local schoolchildren But eagle-... read more

Montana couple ‘stabbed two people to death’

A man and woman from western Montana have been charged in the stabbing deaths of two people whose bodies were found in plastic tubs of chemicals in the basement... read more

‘Angelina Jolie effect’ fail | Daily Mail Online

Shortly after she made her breast and ovarian cancer battle public, actress Angelina Jolie was credited with increasing awareness amongst women of the importanc... read more

Yorkshire Ripper denies hammer attack murder of man

Sutcliffe, who lived in Bradford, West Yorkshire, believed he was on a ‘mission from God’ to kill prostitutes, although not all his victims were. Hi... read more

Superintendent put on paid leave after racist comment

An official in Dudley, Massachusetts has apologized after calling a black CNN political commentator a ‘stupid porch monkey’ after watching a heated ... read more

‘Fantasist’ conman took cancer patient’s life savings

Conman and fantasist: Michael Cremin managed to rake in millions for himself by pretending to be a barrister  A ‘fantasist’ who posed as a barriste... read more

Swiss to vote on whether to ban halal and kosher

Piece of legislation was introduced in June and politicians are set to vote on it It would include a ban on imports of both halal and kosher meats from abroad R... read more

Australian Bali escapee Shaun Davidson ‘in Indonesia’

He’s spent months boasting of his international jet-setting lifestyle after digging his way out of Bali’s notorious Kerobokan jail. But Australian p... read more

McMaster lobbied Trump with Afghanistan miniskirt photo

National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster helped persuade President Donald Trump to recommit to the Afghanistan war effort by showing him an old photo of Afghan w... read more

Over a thousand robots dance in unison

Have you ever imagined your city being taken over by an army of robots? This has just happened in China, expect the robots were there for a dance party. Enginee... read more

Couple win $3.25m after adopted baby killed by birth dad

A lesbian couple have been awarded $3.25million after their adopted baby boy was reclaimed by his birth mother, only to be murdered by his father weeks later. R... read more

Connie Johnson shares reality of her life in hospice

Connie Johnson has shared the heartbreaking reality of her life in hospice care, as she nears the end of her fight against terminal cancer. The sister of actor ... read more

Lenders offer fewer and shorter balance transfers

Credit card borrowers are beginning to see the choice and length of interest-free balance transfer deals shrink in a sign that providers may be reining in lendi... read more

Woman claims R&B singer R Kelly ‘brainwashed’ her

A woman claims she had underage sex with R. Kelly and entered an abusive relationship with him after meeting the singer outside his 2008 child pornography trial... read more

Remains of a girl found in burn pit at her mother’s home

Authorities confirmed Monday that burned human bones found on a rural Missouri property earlier this month belonged to missing 16-year-old Savannah Leckie Remai... read more

Father and son busted smuggling Trump ecstasy pills

German police have seized a huge batch of orange-colored ecstasy pills shaped like the face of Donald Trump.  Two traffickers were busted smuggling the stash, ... read more

North Korea threaten to turn US and South Korea to ‘ashes’

North Korea has threatened to turn the United States into ‘a heap of ashes’ in a fiery response to war games between the U.S. and South Korean milit... read more

Cops: Woman a month in the woods was high on meth

Cops probing how an Alabama woman survived naked and alone in woods for nearly a month think she may have got lost because she was high on drugs, ... read more

E. coli superbug squashed by ‘superteam’ of antibiotics

A potentially devastating strand of bacteria that could have made antibiotics futile in the fight against disease has finally been quashed by a team of scientis... read more

North Korea propaganda video shows Trump at a cemetery

A chilling North Korean propaganda video appears to show Donald Trump staring at the apocalyptic remains of US territory Guam. The footage released by Kim Jong-... read more

Avocados being stolen and sold on black market New Zealand

Thieves are stealing thousands of dollars-worth of avocados in midnight raids and selling the goods on the black market. With demand for avocados showing no sig... read more

Chloe Madeley reveals what worked to solve ‘pregnant’ tum

Chloe Madeley, with boyfriend James Haskell, who suggested she tried a probiotic She has always been candid about her body battles.  The gym bunny Chloe Madel... read more

Rhode Island girls find out their mom is pregnant

Father in Providence, Rhode Island videoed his daughters finding out they’re getting another sibling The girls burst into tears when they hear the news Th... read more