Pittsburgh Steelers players have been stuck on a plane for 10 HOURS and counting amid emergency landing in Kansas City… as stars fume over delays and insist: ‘This s*** is crazy!’

Following their ‘Sunday Night Football’ win over the Las Vegas Raiders, the Pittsburgh Steelers had to make an emergency landing on their flight back home.

Multiple media outlets in Pittsburgh have reported that the plane was forced to make the landing due to oil pressure failure in an engine on the chartered Delta Airlines Airbus A330-900 they were taking back home.

According to ESPN’s Steelers beat reporter Brooke Pryor, the team has been on a plane since 10:30pm PT on Sunday (1:30am Monday PT). 

Their replacement plane only began taxiing for takeoff around 10:30am CT (11:30am ET) and isn’t set to land in Pennsylvania until 1:30pm ET.

Multiple players have tweeted throughout the ordeal, frustrated that they couldn’t disembark the plane.


Players for the Pittsburgh Steelers have been stuck on a plane in Kansas City for many hours

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