Police and ambulance rescue hiking couple stuck in Claustral Canyon in Mount Tomah, Blue Mountains

Emergency services abseil into a Blue Mountains canyon to rescue a couple who raised an alarm at 2am

  • Rescue underway after a hiker stranded in a canyon activated a radio beacon
  • Emergency services are abseiling into canyon in Mount Tomah in Blue Mountains
  • A large scale operation commenced on Tuesday to rescue the trapped trekker  

A couple who were stranded overnight in a canyon have been pulled to safety by emergency services after a massive rescue effort.  

The 34-year-old woman and 41-year-old man activated an emergency radio beacon at 2am on Tuesday after becoming stuck in Claustral canyon at Mount Tomah in the Blue Mountains. 

They are being treating by paramedics for exposure and minor lacerations. 

Emergency crews have begun abseiling into a canyon to rescue a stuck hiker. Pictured: Claustral Canyon in Mount Tomah

A helicopter was dispatched after an emergency radio call overnight and emergency crews have began abseiling into Claustral Canyon near Mount Tomah in the Blue Mountains

Emergency services began descending into the canyon after noticing a light source on Tuesday morning.

A New South Wales helicopter was dispatched and a large scale operation to rescue the couple was activated this morning.

The gorge is a popular spot for adventurers, but is challenging and takes between 8 to 10 hours to complete. 

A pair of Sydney-based eighteen-year-olds were rescued from the spot in February 2018 and another couple were winched from the ravine in April 2016. 

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