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Reddit: Renter’s fury over landlord’s cleaning inspection checklist and eviction threats

Renters claim landlords are becoming extra picky and reveal the ‘outrageous’ cleaning checklists they’ve received before inspections: ‘Soak your cutlery’

  • Tenant received list of tasks from landlord before a routine property inspection
  • The checklist included more than 20 demands 
  • Other renters agree landlords are becoming fare more ‘picky’ and ‘greedy’ 

Landlords are demanding their tenants ‘soak the cutlery’, wipe down sauce bottles and turnover the dirt in the garden before property inspections as the rental crisis continues to worsen. 

Renters have revealed they are being threatened with breach notices if they fail to meet the strict criteria.

Furious tenants shared lists of their ‘greedy’ landlords’ demands on Reddit after a woman from Western Australia shared an absurdly detailed list ahead of her routine inspection. 

The to-do list included more than 20 tasks – including weeding the garden, removing cobwebs from corners and cleaning light switches.

‘Please follow this guide for your upcoming routine inspection to ensure no cleaning items are missed. The list below outlines all the areas your Property Manager will be checking,’ the letter read.

‘Failure to have these items cleaned will result in a breach notice being issued.’

An Aussie tenant received an ‘absurd’ checklist of cleaning requests from the landlord ahead of a property inspection (list pictured)

While most tenants will ensure the flat is tidy and vacuumed before an inspection, the landlord went above and beyond with the cleaning requests. 

Each numbered demand had at least two additional tasks beside it – for example, the first point outlined all windows must be cleaned ‘inside and out’ as well as the ‘fly screens, tracks and windowsills’.

The walls had to be ‘wiped clean with no marks or fingerprints’ and the garden must be ‘weed-free’ with the ‘soil turned’. 

The light bulbs, swimming pool and equipment also needed to be in ‘working order’. In the garage any traces of oil stains and cobwebs must be removed.

Common wear and tear can include:  

Common occurrences of wear and tear that landlords are responsible for include:

  • Faded curtains or frayed cords
  • Furniture indentations and traffic marks on the carpet
  • Scuffed up wooden floors
  • Faded, chipped or cracked paint
  • Worn kitchen benchtop
  • Loose hinges or handles on doors or windows and worn sliding tracks
  • Cracks in the walls from movement
  • Water stain on carpet from rain through leaking roof or bad plumbing
  • Worn paint near light switches
  • Color of carpet or hardwood fading due to exposure to sunlight
  • Dirty grout or grout discolouration due to age
  • Bathroom mirror discolouring and warping due to age
  • Loose door handles
  • Silver finish on bathroom fixtures beginning to wear away


More than 1100 shocked Redditors commented on the giant checklist and couldn’t believe what was being asked.

‘It’s a house, not a hotel!’ one wrote, another said: ”they’re there for a property inspection, not a f***ing dinner party!’

A third added: ‘Next they’ll have tenants dressed in smart casual for inspection days.’

Other tenants shared their own ‘unreasonable’ experiences from ‘greedy’ landlords. 

‘Our most recent checklist stated we had to ‘soak our cutlery’ and ‘wipe down the sauce bottles’. I nearly fell over when I read it. It’s worth noting we have been in this house for two years and have never had a dirty sauce bottle,’ another renter said. 

‘One of ours stated ‘dirty laundry cleaned and put away’… I was like, the f*** you think you are, my mum?,’ one laughed. 

Another highlighted the fact that rental inspections are ‘supposed’ to ensure the property isn’t damaged – such as with holes in the walls or mold. 

And so cleanliness ‘doesn’t really factor into it’ besides extreme cases, such as if the property becomes infested with rodents.