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Services Offered by Dr. Dennis Chua – ENT Specialist in Singapore

An ENT specialist can help people of all ages – ENT problems are common to both children and adults. In Singapore, ENT Specialist Dr. Dennis Chua is open to give help to people suffering from ENT problems and offers a wide range of safe and effective treatments, ensuring the best results for all his patients. As an experienced ENT specialist, you can expect Dr. Dennis Chua to provide several treatment options to make you feel better.

Experiencing something out of normal in the ears, nose and throat not only affects our senses but also disrupts how we do certain activities – thus eventually affecting the quality of our life. It can indeed be bothersome if for some reason, we cannot hear anything at all, or we have hoarseness of voice or if our nose is suddenly lost its capacity to smell. This is why health problems related to ENT, short for ears, nose, and throat, is a common reason why a person seeks medical intervention.

We can seek help from a doctor whose focus is to manage and treat ENT problems – an ENT Specialist (also known as an Otolaryngologist). ENT specialists are trained to deliver treatments both medically and surgically to patients suffering from diseases and disorders of ENT and also the head and the neck.

Dr. Dennis Chua is an experienced and highly qualified ENT Specialist and has been helping patients with ENT Problems for over 15 years. He has been recognized in Singapore and internationally for his contributions and achievements in the field of ENT.

Here are the services Dr. Dennis Chua can offer:

  • Treatment for Ear Diseases.
    • Myringoplasty, a surgical procedure to repair a hole in the eardrum, which causes hearing loss. To reduce the chances of scarring, he performs this operation in an endoscopic manner.
    • Medication for Otitis Media with Effusion (or Fluid in the ear/Glue ears), an ear condition that can result in a hearing, earache, and ear infection.
    • Treatment for Meniere’s Disease (a disorder of the inner ear that causes vertigo (dizziness), tinnitus (ringing in the ears), hearing loss, and a feeling of congestion in the ear.
  • Treatment for Nose & Sinus Conditions
    • Treatment for Sinusitis (sinus infection) – treatments can involve medication or surgical procedures such as functional endoscopic sinus surgery and balloon sinuplasty
    • Safe removal of Nasal polyps which causes loss or reduced ability to smell through the use of functional endoscopic sinus surgery under IGS (Image Guided Surgery)
    • Treatment for nasal congestion and allergic rhinitis
    • Safe removal of Sinonasal tumors
    • Management of Nasal Trauma and Nasal Fracture
  • Treatment for Throat and Voice.

Voice disorders such as vocal cord nodules, vocal cord polyps, and cyst. Treatment can include a lot of tests for correct diagnosis and surgery. He is also a qualified ENT surgeon who can manage Laryngeal (Throat) Cancer using multidisciplinary treatments.

  • Treatment for Sleep Apnea and other Sleep Disorders.

Sleep apnea is a condition that happens while an individual is asleep. This is considered a serious disorder as it cuts or interrupts a person’s breathing during his or her unconscious state. Also, cases for both adults and children are treated and use a lot of treatment options from medication to surgery.

  • Treatment for Patients with Thyroid Nodules or Thyroid Diseases
    • Minimally Invasive Video-Assisted Thyroid Surgery (MIVAT) is performed to remove thyroid lumps and other applicable thyroid diseases. He can also offer several other available approaches such as robotic thyroid surgery and transoral thyroid surgery.
    • Also provides various treatment for neck lumps, lumps in the oral cavity, and thyroglossal duct cyst.
  • Facial Plastics & Reconstructive Surgery
    • ENT specialists also have a sub-specialty in Facial Plastics & Reconstructive Surgery and are among the few ENT Specialist in Singapore who is also recognized as International Board Certified in Facial Plastics & Reconstructive Surgery. He can be trusted to perform the following facial plastics & reconstructive surgery procedures:
      • Rhinoplasty and Functional Septorhinoplasty -highly skilled in performing complex nose reconstructions to improve breathing and appearance of the nose (rhinoplasty).
      • Nasal Valve Reconstruction: Alar Batten Grafts –has done a lot of research and published the use of Alar Batten Grafts in helping patients with a blocked nose.
      • Improve nose appearance through Alloplasts (Silicone implant)or Autologous cartilage (rib, septal, or ear cartilage) –a skilled surgeon who uses a lot of safe approaches to improve nose appearance and functions.

To be able to understand a patient’s condition and possible medical requirements, Dr. Dennis Chua will conduct a thorough check of a patient’s medical history including previous test results during the consultation (or series of consultations). He will also perform diagnostic procedures such as a nasendoscopy – a test to look at the inside of the nose, throat, and larynx if needed using a safe instrument, ensuring a painless experience for the patient. After diagnosis, the most suitable medical treatment for the patient will be determined.