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Social Tournaments to become the new face of online gaming industry

Online slot tournaments are the hottest trends in the gaming industry. From freeroll tournaments to social tournaments, all major operators in the online gaming industry have increased their offers. is one of the leading online gaming platforms where players can join and participate in slot tournaments. It costs nothing to join, and players have the chance to win real cash with a monthly prize pool of up to £40,000.

Great features that social tournaments offer

The social pass and buddy pass are among the newest features that make slot tournaments appealing to players. So, what are they, and how do they work?

Social pass

When players take part in slot tournaments that run daily, they compete for daily, weekly, and monthly missions. This awards them free coins that they can spend in the platform’s store and this helps them gain social pass levels. For every level obtained, players receive rewards like prize wheels, loot boxes, and golden tickets.

Buddy Pass

The buddy pass is another new feature that rewards players who manage to invite friends to sign up with the site and play free slot games. Players are provided with a link that they can share with friends. When friends follow the link, sign up and verify their details, the player who invited them receives a reward.

The rewards for inviting friends to include one reset in any slot tournament to get the second chance. And every time you get a minimum of three referrals, you get 10% more money on the next win.

Both increased cash and reset rewards come with a cooldown of between 14 and 30 days, and the best part is that they don’t have expiry dates. Getting 15 referrals awards two resets with a seven-day cooldown and 20% more money on the next win within 30 days.

Real cash prizes

Many gaming sites, especially, are lifting the bar and firmly cementing their place in the industry. Social gaming platforms are sites where any player who is 18 years and above and from an eligible country can participate in free slot tournaments. The free slot tournaments organized by Social Tournaments come with real money prizes.

They are free and offer the opportunity to play different types of slot machines against other players. Although you can’t even deposit any money, the prize pots are impressive. Once you play and win, you will find safe payment methods like Skrill and Neteller that you can use to receive your funds.

Why are social tournaments becoming the new face of the industry?

Social tournament sites are becoming popular each day because the platforms offer free slot machine game competitions that not only provide unique gaming experiences, and, in the case of – real money rewards!

Fun and Free

The main reason to play social tournaments is the fact that they are free. When you join any of the tournaments available, you can play lots of slot machines for fun. So, you can primarily focus on enjoying yourself without worrying of losing any money.

Slick and Accessible

Top social tournament sites and slot machines are available on all devices. Most of the players join and take part in slot tournaments on their tablets and smartphones. This means that they enjoy a slick gaming experience on any device and at any time.

Fair, Legal, and Safe

All social tournament platforms are 100% legal, safe, and fair. Just because the tournaments are free of charge does not mean a platform can ignore local regulations and laws. Legit social tournaments gaming websites must offer fair games.

Well-known third parties must audit all games to ensure they offer fair results. Also, and other top sites ensure that the details of their players are 100% safe.

Improving and Evolving

Social tournament sites are improving and evolving, just like other gaming platforms. They are not subordinate or rudimentary to casinos. Social gaming software providers like Pragmatic Play are dedicated and skilled. In some instances, they’re even more dedicated since it is a highly competitive market.

So do not assume that because the slot machines are free, the gaming experience is going to be inferior. Social slots, as well as sites, will always feature the latest technology, and there’ll be a steady stream of improvements, updates, and new games.

Final Thoughts

With social tournaments, there is a lot in store for players. And these features and benefits are just a foundation on which more amazing things can be refined, added, and build. Social Tournaments providers have massive plans for slot machine players.

At the moment, is playing its cards close to its chest, meaning everything available on the platform ranging from slot machines and tournaments to device compatibility and real money rewards, is the best in the market. You can visit the site, sign up and try some of the social tournaments available.