Sony may produce DOUBLE the amount of PlayStation 5s to meet added demand during COVID-19 pandemic

Sony may produce DOUBLE the amount of PlayStation 5s in an effort to meet added demand during COVID-19 pandemic

  • Sony will ramp up PS5 production in an effort to capitalize on COVID-19 demand 
  • It’s aiming to produce 10 million units as opposed to the previous 5 million target
  • Slow supply chains may make it difficult to meet that demand on time 

Sony will about double its production of PlayStation 5’s to 10 million units as COVID-19 fuels demand for consoles and games.

According to a report from Japanese business daily, Nikkei, the gaming giant will double its production of the next-generation console which originally planned to shop between 5 to 6 million units by March 2021.

Bloomberg reports that speculation over another COVID-19 surge is fueling Sony’s push for more consoles.

Sony will look to double the amount of shipments of its next-generation console to 10 million as COVID-19 fuels added demand in the gaming industry

As the virus forces many to remain indoors, game sales have continued to hit historic highs. 

According to a quarterly analysis from market research group NPD, video game spending in the US, which includes sales on games and merchandise, hit historic highs in the first quarter of 2020, reaching $10.86 billion – an almost 10 percent increase over last year. 

Of that total about $9.5 billion was directly related to the purchasing of video game content, NPD reports. 

Whether Sony will be able to meet its goal of shipping that many consoles, however, is still a major question.

As noted by Bloomberg, supply chains have not returned to operating at full capacity and many of Sony’s consoles are made in China and take months to be shipped by sea.

Sony’s PlayStation 5, like the upcoming Xbox Series X, will also have a solid state hard drive that will help drastically reduce load times.

The console will also have 16GB of RAM which will aid the promised super-fast loading times in game play.