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Southern Illinois University hunt for laundry room pooper

  • Students at Southern Illinois University have had surprises in their laundry 
  • A mysterious pooper has been leaving droppings in the washing machines
  • Residents of Abbott Hall have said they’re terrified to do their laundry now
  • There have been eight cases of human feces showing up in their load of clothes 

A college dorm is being ravaged by a mysterious pooper who’s been leaving droppings in the washing machines. 

Residents of Abbott Hall at Southern Illinois University are avoiding doing a load of laundry for fear that someone will drop their own personal load into their wash.

At least eight students have taken their clothes out of the washer to discover traces of poop on their clothes. 

The fecal fiend has left residents terrified of doing laundry. Sophomore Khiyah Ransom said: ‘I was really upset about it. I’m just wondering who’s doing this pooping.’

A mysterious pooper has made laundry day extra crappy for students who are finding human feces in their load 

 Of the eight cases, only one official report was filed with the school in September. 

In each incident the feces was stuck in the rubber lining of the washing machine. The machines were then cleaned by maintenance. 

Some students speculate that the pooper might be striking when residents take too long to get their clothes out of the washers.

There are also no cameras in the laundry room to catch the perpetrator.  

Last week freshman Brian Piller fell victim to the bowel movement bandit.

‘I went down into the laundry room to wash my clothes and I opened one of the washers and noticed that it smelled like someone had taken a dump in there,’ Piller said.

That’s when he found human feces among what he thought were his clean clothes. 

Piller added that he was surprised by what he’d found: ‘I wondered if maybe someone had had an accident in their clothes or something. It never occurred to me that, you know, someone would poop on clothes in the laundry room.’

Rae Goldsmith, the university’s chief communications officer said, ‘Following the report, staff members initiated conversations with students about responsible group living and respect for each other’s property.’ 

As of now the school hasn’t commented on if the mad pooper is still at large.  

The mad pooper is terrorizing the laundry room in Abbott Hall at Southern Illinois University

The mad pooper is terrorizing the laundry room in Abbott Hall at Southern Illinois University


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